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Since Christmas we have been making giant leaps of progress, I'd like to personally thank @Adam and @Urbaena as we couldn't have done it without them, with the hours and hours of work they've put in, mixed with the plentiful amount of community feedback, we've turned Tango around and are expanding more than I have seen since joining. If any of you still have other suggestions or concerns that might not have been brought up to Ownership, feel free to DM me on forums / discord / steam. As for @Loo, @ris and @Caribou thank you all for making my life a hell of a lot easier, I cannot thank you guys enough, all of the little shit that I have you guys do for me means the world to me <3. To all the new players and the new staff team that's been built up in the past couple weeks, everyone has been super eager about hopping onto upcoming projects. The good vibes around the community and the majority of users happy to helps makes our live's easier and more fun while around Tango, I'm sure balon can say the same. From the new models and cases we've introduced, to (hopefully) the upcoming Gmod events, there are a bunch of you I have yet to talk to and meet and all of the new additions and features to the community should make this coming year a lot more interesting and fun. I look forward to the future of Tango and the friends I'll meet on the way. As always if anyone ever see me on teamspeak and would like to hang out with us, feel free to message me or anyone else in the channel, chances are if we're not busy we would be happy to have you join.

General Discussion / Re: Self reflection post.
« on: September 03, 2020, 12:15:26 pm »
I feel similar about my time in Tango.

The Gmod server that first got me into this community, along with all the other Gmod servers that kept me as a part of it, have all been down for over three years now. Almost every person I met from back then has long since moved on from this community, in one way or another. These people make up the majority of my Steam friends list to this day, and yet I haven't spoken to any of them in a good year or two apart from a few awkward(mostly on my part) hellos. And apart from the occasional forum post, I also haven't really been active in Tango since the servers shut down, yet still I find myself not wanting to remove the tag. Does all of this mean that I have a problem with letting go? I guess that's probably true.

The extended series of events that led to the last four or so years were certainly very altering for me as a person(to put it lightly), and in the years since it all happened, I've been almost entirely isolated apart from my family who have all dealt with these troubles in different ways. This is just to say, not much genuine happiness has come out of the last four or so years for me. Apart from a few other fleeting moments, my first eight or so months in Tango were just about the only exception. I think about those times a lot, how happy I was back then to have people I could just play with on a game I very much enjoyed.

I first joined in January 2017, within a year of everything happening, and after having internalized most of the stuff that happened, it was very difficult for me to step into a space like this that I was entirely unfamiliar with. Yet the few Tango people I met back then on Purge were very friendly and welcoming towards me, enough that it got me to apply as a member and caused me to want to help with moderating the server. Without getting into the whole story, I'll just get to the point and state that many of the people that I met through Gmod helped me a lot and gave me many good memories that have helped me through the last few years. I probably still won't be leaving Tango any time soon but I've been holding onto this for a few years now and reading this made me want to express these feelings. I'm certain most of the people I met and called friends won't see this post but if you do, thanks a lot.

General Discussion / Marriage.
« on: August 24, 2020, 05:04:04 pm »

First and foremost, I want to say that spending my last 5 years with this community has been something that I will forever cherish. The relationships and memories I have within this community are something that I will forever remember, and most definitely will share stories with Cameron even if he grows up with different interests in mind. I've made friends, enemies, memories, and even regrets with this community. I've gained & lost a lot regarding not only myself, but my time and energy as well. I've put my heart into this community to try and put my mark on it to feel like I contributed to the better of it and frankly sitting in Legend it's been a proud honor for me.

I've decided to take another step in my life, my family is now finally whole. We have a house, a beautiful baby boy, and we now share a last name. A lot of you have seen me rise and even fall hard, but have helped me get back on my feet and some of you have put so much trust and care into me that there is not enough words to explain my endless gratitude towards the efforts and support you have given me when I absolutely needed it. I'm far from a person that could ever take handouts, and some of you persisted even when I didn't want it.

I do not want to try and mention each and every person that had some type of impact on my time within tango because I do it way to much... but let me say from the bottom of my heart to the people that should have to hear it. I love you guys for being such amazing friends, I couldn't trade the experiences and memories I've made in this community for anything in the world.

This is the best fucking community hands-fucking-down. I don't give two fucks what anyone has to say. Fuck anyone that thinks otherwise.

If you got negative shit to say keep it off this post. Make the most out of your life, live it your fucking way. I've chosen the way I wanted to live mine and I couldn't be happier.

Love you guys.

Off-Topic / Re: The state of the community and staff team.
« on: August 14, 2020, 08:06:06 pm »
Idk if you guys are able to read or just illiterate, But the part at the beginning where i said “shit ive heard” heard meaning isnt confirmed and intel could be incorrect I didnt do any fact checking because its kind of hard when u are banned from everything else LMFAO.

Why spread information that has the potential of being false only because you can't do any fact-checking. If you were really concerned about an issue and unsure it being true, bring it up to a higher staff who would know the answer to it. You can't be sure there is an issue if it is based off a rumor.

The inability to fact-check easily doesn't mean there isn't a way for you to fact-check the information prior to posting about it.

Freebies & Giveaways / Among Us
« on: August 11, 2020, 12:30:14 pm »

I will be giving away x3 copies of
You know the drill

Reply to this post - 1 entry
Like the post - 1 entry

Will draw winner on the 14th!!!!

Off-Topic / Who's your game squad?
« on: April 21, 2020, 09:40:59 pm »
Who do you love or most often play games with?

@lulu @jordan @Caribou @ris @Vita

Off-Topic / Re: haha i liked my own post
« on: April 21, 2020, 04:58:27 pm »

Off-Topic / haha i liked my own post
« on: April 21, 2020, 04:57:28 pm »
this is very cool kanye hah a

Denied / Re: Punish Harassment More Seriously
« on: April 13, 2020, 01:22:54 am »
- Hold Tango members more accountable for the things they do including things like messages over Discord and Steam. While you can block them obviously, that shouldn't nullify the fact that they're still harassing you.
Just as Blizzard oversteps their boundaries every time they ban a player in OW for something they've said in Twitch chat, Tango would be overstepping to punish players for comments made over DMs.
If it's said in our servers, fine. We can handle that. If not, it's not our place to tell you what you can and cannot say.

- Give harsher punishments for harassment, having people be banned for like 1-2 hours maybe just a day if they report isn't enough for how much damage they cause to the members of the community and to our players and especially our admins.
If players provide evidence of continued harassment on our servers, the ban is not a few hours, nor is it a day.
Reports like that always take into context the severity of harassment, length of time it occurred, how both parties contributed, and whether action had been taken prior to the report.

Find me a legitimate harassment report made on the forums where a user did not receive just punishment.
Levels of severity of punishment are subjective at best. What you may think to be too little, I may think to be too much. We aren't handing our ridiculously long bans because someone got butthurt after talking shit.

I've had multiple people complain to me about the constant harassment they receive from users only for them to message even members of IA just to be told 'we can't do anything about it.'
If this occurs off-network, they are being given the correct response.

Tango doesn't actually punish seriously for this. A day or two ban after you would've had to done it in game enough to be banned 3 times for it (Which I remind you falls under the category of 30, 60, and 120 disrespect bans), let alone in scenarios where it's not even handled at all. That is not okay, the core of the issue isn't that Tango's rules doesn't take it seriously, the issue is that in application it is FAR, FAR too lenient as it currently stands
The escalation system will continue to be used. Harassment is perceived differently, and we aren't about to start off giving out day bans because a player's feelings were hurt. We give everyone a chance to correct their behavior before escalating to more harsh punishment.
Admins are always able to request a ban extension, and these are normally granted without push-back from higher-ups.

Again, how seriously you think Tango treats this is subjective. I personally am not very keen on banning players for months at a time because of some bullshit they said on a video game.

If a report of targeted harassment is made, it is always handled properly, and just action is taken.

The First Issue: I'll use Brandon as an example because he's one of the people I was talking about before making this, Brandon had apparently taken evidence directly to Lulu and another IA person (Can't remember who atm) and it was said that they could do nothing.

The Second Issue: Yes, admins are expected to do what the handbook commands, the suggestion is in part referring to upping the punishment IN server as well. Admins should both be told to take it more seriously (Since many don't and are never told to do so, and then they just continue to allow it from my experience) and have the ability to punish more seriously for this kind of issue.
Admins are not punished for using their discretion and determining if a situation has gone outside the 'norm'. They can also request escalations. Players in the server need to be in contact with the admins and explain their issues.
You cannot expect an admin to just *notice* everything. I struggle to empathize for players who have something negative happening to them, yet say nothing.

The Third Issue: Like I said above too, it takes way too much time to force users to go through this to collect evidence to the point that they will just leave and stop playing. Not everyone has grown up on the internet in the same way we have and a lot of people are a lot more sensitive to that kind of thing. If people are continually ruining your experience and you don't even know if you'll have enough evidence to ban them after a ton of work than why wouldn't people just say fuck it and get up and leave instead.
I do not care how sensitive you are. If you cannot provide me evidence of your problem, I do not give a fuck about your problem.

+vouch, something needs to be done about the issue.
Perhaps you can start by editing your signature :hurr:

I feel like the reason for this is because its not realistic to gain logs and demos for every single instance. When multiple people shit on you over the span of a couple of days or weeks, most of your time would be spent collecting evidence instead of actually enjoying the server. I also can't speak for anyone else, but personally, I don't feel like making a report on someone who is only going to get a 30 minute ban...
If a report is made, a 30 minute ban is never handed out. The assertion that you are making is ridiculous and likely stems from you only being here a short time, and not fully understanding what you're taking about.

You must provide evidence to have action taken against the user. The more proof you have of harassment taking place over an extended period of time (provided it's actual harassment, not some shit like 'ur a poopy head'), the more severe the punishment will be.
That being said, the user who is accused is also given a chance to defend themselves. If it turns out you provoked them, why would they receive punishment?
If you don't want to collect evidence, it must not be that serious of a problem. We will not act without proper evidence. That standard will always be upheld. To suggest we do otherwise is idiocy.

Youre missing the key issue here that if we bothered to compile the amount of evidence requires we would be spending all of our time going through demos and logs instead of actually playing. Also, we know IA will do their job correctly, that's what theyre there for. But it happens quite a few times where short bans are handed down at a time the player isnt even playing on the server.
If your playing experience is ruined, why would you continue to play without doing something about it? How are we supposed to act if we aren't made aware? This entire argument is nonsensical.
Short is subjective. Bans are handed out when the report is closed. If the player happens to be on vacation during that time, sucks?
Regardless of whether they are around for the ban, their behavior is now known, and further action can be taken if they choose to continue to break rules. It establishes a history.

I know that you’re not allowed to disrespect players on the server but I have only ever seen admins kick players for “admin disrespect” and never have seen someone get kicked for “disrespect” or even muted for it.
Personally, I do not like how often players are kicked/banned for admin disrespect.

One person will always remember comments made directly to them more than they will comments made directly to others, especially in a server of many others. This may be the reason that these things are missed in the server.

I know that IA is a group so not blaming just jess on this one.
If your justification for letting harassment slide for a one day ban on the first offense is a good thing then we clearly do have an issue here. A player went out of his way to report someone and call it harassment with clear and solid proof. That same player ended up leaving the community to repeated issues. Just think we could of stopped shit like this sooner at the in game level is all.
Evidence provided covered March 28 and April 01, so we can assume this happened between those three days. There is no evidence provided which suggests a longer time-frame.
First offense matters.
Nothing said in the evidence was incredibly extreme. The one day gives the player a chance to realize their actions will not be tolerated, and stop. Perhaps two days would have been better, but I don't really see an issue with the one day ban.
All Pun has to do is provide another screenshot of Ldcommish harassing him, and his ban will be escalated.

I'm not sure what steps Pun took in-game, but he was an admin and had the power to continually escalate. If he failed to do so, that is his failure. He was the one making the decisions at the in-game level.

I think player harassment is handled well here.
Some players are more sensitive than others, and have their feelings hurt more easily. You shouldn't be banned for saying someone smells.
You should be banned for repeatedly telling someone to hang themselves, in a non-joking manner.

Jokes between friends are just another reason why admins should hesitate to act in-game, and another reason why player-admin communication is important.
In the end, If a player feels harassed, they need to speak up.

Off-Topic / Re: no school ur gunna see alot of me
« on: April 06, 2020, 01:26:18 pm »
Was this necessary to post in this board? WorldWide News?

Everyone in the world NEEDS to know Lardy is off of school

Off-Topic / Re: tw project
« on: March 18, 2020, 09:23:46 am »
man r6 is about having good game sense and a great team


it doesn't fucking matter how god like you really think you are (which could be a complete fucking bluff), the bottom line is that it's a team game. You can't put the game on your shoulders alone, and you can't flaunt a big ego.

You won't win at all, that's probably why you can't maintain Gold @Matz lmfao

for the record:

I am FAR from telling anyone that I'm better than any single person, I haven't played for nearly 6 seasons.

Official Announcements / Alex as Honorary Ownership
« on: March 14, 2020, 10:22:24 pm »
Back just over 6 years ago when we started this thing, I never thought in a million years it would be as large as it is today and had hit as many milestones over the years as it did. Today it is with a heavy heart to announce that @Alex will be entering Honorary Ownership and be stepping down from Active Ownership.

@Alex, Brother, it has been over 10 years since we met and we've done some crazy shit together. It has been an absolute pleasure running this place with you, and for your dedication, your hard work, and your persistence I thank you. We would not have reached the impact, size, and accomplishments we did over the years without you here. I know life has gotten busy, times got rough as many different thing(s) happened to us over the years, and I understand your need to step away. You are well aware you will always have a home here, and always be welcome back to a position as long as I'm running the community.

As of now, I have no plans to announce a new Owner. I will make that determination in the future. We have other things we want to focus on and accomplish over the next few weeks, with hopefully releasing Mentor and update(s) by April (Quarter 2).

Alex thank you again for everything, please join me in welcoming him to retirement.

General Discussion / Re: Favourite Minecraft Youtuber
« on: March 12, 2020, 01:59:07 pm »

Source: RTGame does some really wholesome & funny videos with his twitch subscribers that I always enjoy. His subscribers create really imaginative and amazing ideas to fit the given theme and his commentary is really nice. He'll compliment and make jokes at the builds, one of the few gaming channels that I watch. :>

But also Typface! They do really relaxing build videos.

The Gentlemen's Club / Re: Favorite Drugs
« on: March 01, 2020, 10:20:43 pm »
The way I see it is if I die from this (which I wont) it is part of God's plan and I will be in heaven with him. For the people here who dont believe in God I also just dont really care, most of my family has been doing vaping and smoking cigarettes their whole life and no health issues. I only live once here on Earth and I might as well live it well, live it getting buzzed and having fun. I know  all people dont view it this, but that is just how I see it
Just got lung cancer 💯 Philippians 4:13 🙏🏼

Official Announcements / Internal Affairs
« on: February 01, 2020, 11:47:12 pm »
Hello all! Today, I would like to talk and expand the conversation on our Internal Affairs department here at TangoWorldWide. After looking over Internal Affairs the past month, I have noticed the lack of attention and speed when it comes to dealing with reports. Many reports have been left sitting and unattended to, even the smallest cases. This isn't a standard Tango should be known best for. The standards must be raised back to where we once were. A few years back, our Internal Affairs was more efficient, fast, and personal with helping players solve issues. Connecting itself with other groups to help expand affairs within the community. @TheWildThorn led a great example when it came to those standards and gave a face to what it did for the community. This and expanding past the simple definition of Internal Affairs is what I'd like to happen in the following months.

The first and most prioritized issue I would like to work on is the speed of how fast reports are handled and encouraging players to report when something goes wrong. Members should not have to question how fast their reports will be handled, leaving them to believe we don't care or have the time to deal with those reports. This leads to members being discouraged to use our system. I would like to set a standard of reports being handled in set amount of time, depending on how large those cases are. Below I will list how fast our reports will be expected to be handled and or replied to depending on the situation.

  • Player Reports - 24 to 48 hours for minor cases
  • Abusive Admin Reports - 24 to 48 hours for minor cases
  • Disputes & Conflicts - 24 to 48 hours for minor cases
  • Appeals - 24 to 48 hours for minor cases
  • Closed Accounts - 24 to 48 hours for minor cases

For more larger or difficult cases that require a lot of detail, time and attention from ownership, we will update those reports with a notice of extended time frame on when those will be handled due to information needed to handle such reports in an efficient way with attention to deal. Below are the tentative time periods for extended reports we want to achieve.

  • Player Reports - 72 to 96 hours for major cases
  • Abusive Admin Reports - 72 to 96 hours for major cases
  • Disputes & Conflicts - 72 to 96 hours for major cases
  • Appeals - 72 to 96 hours for major cases
  • Closed Accounts - 72 to 96 hours for major cases

Major cases are subject to even higher extended periods based on the weight of the report.

Any Ownership cases will have an automatic extensive period placed on it. Ownership cases will have an expected time frame of up to two weeks to be handled.

With introduction of those time periods, I will also be working with our Web and Communications Administrator, @ris to include auto-reply posts for users to read when reports are submitted. For many members or non-members of the community, information and rules of our boards and reports aren't acknowledged and we would like to inform them on that information. Having an auto-reply bot list all information needed can be a further improvement in this section. Listing those time periods their reports are expected to be handled, who to contact for more information, and links to other parts of the forums they may be interested in involving their issue.

At the time, I would like to introduce these ideas slowly and with feedback from the community. Not all issues I would like to address are included here. I will be working on further issues and improvements for the weeks and months to come with our current managers and ownership, so please expect further discussion. Questions and criticism are highly encouraged. Leave your thoughts below if you would like, or contact me via discord $layer#5092. Thanks for reading and I'm glad to be back and helping!

Internal Affairs

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