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Off-Topic / Re: The state of the community and staff team.
« on: August 14, 2020, 08:14:15 pm »
It feels mean making fun of you, I really hope one day you get a really good teacher that changes how you think or you find Jesus or some shit man

Lol nothing to make fun of seeing as I am more successful then you will ever be you brainless, spineless ape, Get back in your cage and you might get a banana because you belong in the fucking zoo.

Off-Topic / Re: Wow im surprised
« on: August 12, 2020, 12:43:59 am »
i mean tbh fuck jailbreak shut that bitch down u dont get a vote pussy

Alright so some random a-team named banana king decided to ban me and he said oh you have screenshots of you cheating on ur profile, Its hvh and on an outdated version of counterstrike, Completely different community in non vac secured servers meaning it is not affiliated with valve, I never have and never will cheat on tango due to it being vac secured and encase u didnt notice i just bought a 500$ knife so that is not gonna get risked in any way, Im not stupid. I have a recording for every login/play session on tango because i know that some stupid staff member will ban me and claim i was cheating, and at the time i was also screensharing on discord. You can say i shouldnt be staff but thats tough because correct me if im wrong but paidmen isnt staff. Theres a reason I do not want to be in tango. I enjoy hvh I do not enjoy closet cheating i’ve always found it pointless and stupid, Im good at the game without cheats I do not need them. I only inject cheats on hvh. Period. Anytime I cheat I am always super open about it never lie about it. I’d like to think im a relatively trustable person and haven’t lied to anyone in the community.

Now the second part of this situation:
About me being banned “multiple times for cheating”. Inanis false banned me i’ve seen the clip it wasnt sus at all when you put my mm rank into it and gametime into it, I make clips on the server Like funny frags n shit, I prefire, noscope, bhop frag and flick people just for funny moments(Video compilation coming soon). If i have to to prove im legit, I can open a teamviewer, with steam closed, open up steam and launch cs and do the exact same shit i do while anyone that wants to watch watches. I have nothing to hide.

Now the third part of the accusations:
People say oh he always cheats and balon just unbans him. I just came back off a 12month ban. I waited it out I wasn’t unbanned, Just because me and balon are friends doesnt mean his word goes. He always leaves the bans up to his ownership, If lulu reviews evidence given by both parties and it shows im cheating, I’d be banned. The reason i keep getting unbanned is because moronic staff members that somehow got staff with their small amount of game knowledge somehow get the power of deciding whether someone is legit and anyone that is better then them is obviously cheating. Balon wouldnt just unban me hes a respectable person in the community and the only reason you all have servers to be staff on in the first place so trying to accuse him like that is very very unappreciative and disrespectful. This server is ran like a democracy so the president doesnt get the final say. Get that thru your thick skulls.

Now for the fourth and final part:
My personal suggestion of how we decide who gets SA on 1v1. I think players should have to have gameplay knowledge and be decent at the fucking game when its a skill based server like 1v1, You shouldnt throw a silver 1 admin and let them decide who is legit or not that makes no sense and its very very unwise. You should have to play a game whether it be faceit or just a regular competitive with some of the staff team and show you have game skill in my opinion. I record everytime im on tango for a reason and honestly I shouldnt have to.

Much love to lulu balon and all the other high staff no matter what our past looks like. You all have my support in anything.

Denied / TangoHVH
« on: May 22, 2020, 04:12:22 am »
1. Describe the Suggestion: TangoWorldWide HVH
2. Related link(s): idk
3. Possible positive impacts: i can show my p 100 overwatch sploit
4. Possible negative impacts: none
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: didnt ask nn
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div leader, web admin, etc.): @kill

Processed Official Member Apps / kill's application uwu
« on: June 04, 2018, 04:24:55 am »
1. In-Game Name: kill
2. First Name (Optional):   Mike
3. Age:   17
4. Location/Timezone: EST 
5. Gender: Male 
6. Any previous VAC bans: yes 
7. What games do you play most often?: teamspeak
8. Were you referred by anyone to join Tango? If so, who?: Salty, Skuft, Balon, Dragonate, S, Alex 
9. Why do you want to be a part of Tango: for puddles, olivia, to be bullied and false banned a lot apparently. 
10. Can you donate? (This does not affect acceptance): No ill probably just end up getting banned again for no reason, im bullied on here for some reason.
11. Do you have any conflicts with our current members?:  No im a devout christian
12. Have you been on Tango's Teamspeak? (IP: ts3.tw2.us): a lot 
13. What Tango Servers do you play?: Teamspeak
14. Write a brief background about yourself so we can get to know you better:   N/A
15. Have you added your Steam to your forums account? Steam Integration: (Yes/Non-Steam) (How to): Yes 
16. Are you okay with wearing the required Tango tag upon acceptance?: Yes
17. You hereby agree to follow our Rules & Policies (Agree/Disagree): Yes

Official Announcements / Re: Ban Changes & Unbans
« on: June 04, 2018, 01:50:49 am »
i love tangoworldwide almost as much as i love mekos.

Off-Topic / expressing my newfound lover.
« on: May 26, 2018, 02:00:13 am »
i love suna, shes a really cute kitten, we sleep in calls together all the time and i love her more then anything, i just wanted to come out with the relationship status everyone. S+K♡ :-*.
the attachment is our favorite channel to sleep in,,

Braggin' n Baggin' / Re: 2018 mekos
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:18:36 am »
god you stupid broke third worlder, get away and get back in ur mud hut and stop begging for my mekos.

Braggin' n Baggin' / Re: 2018 mekos
« on: May 25, 2018, 12:15:07 am »
is this in the lost discord because god i hate the spam from that bot in #general :c
yes its lost discord, most private tango world wide sub community there is, the spam is just me getting hella stacks bruv, i have enough mekos to feed the whole state of africa for 3years

Off-Topic / why do people do what they do?
« on: April 27, 2018, 01:18:23 am »
Why do people be sneak dissin but when i ask them to talk to me about it and say it to my face, they wont, its like they can only say it while u arent lookin cuz they are immature, like this said person says "im a toxic fuck that needs to get my ass beat", haha jokes on u, u look like ur face got beat, with a fucking HAMMER.
This is not drama nor is it towards anyone in particular, that one person knows who they be, and it isnt anyone in tango (or is it hehe UWU). love all yall, especially alex, hes really cute and has a really hot accent(skype sex me pls) UWU.

Off-Topic / Re: The 5 Things
« on: April 23, 2018, 05:26:26 am »
1) Top 5 friends in tango: suna (loves aimware)(mightykat) suna
2) Top 5 places you've visited/lived: inside of my egirl, inside of my ex egirl, inside of my other ex egirl, inside of my ex egirl's bestfriend, and inside of my ex egirl's sister.
3) Top 5 places you want to live/travel to: your house haha
4) Top 5 games (any kind): tangoworldwide (with aimware auto strafer), hvh (with aimware), hentaihaven(for the plot), suna's MOM HAHA, rez p cute OWO(aimware)
5) Top 5 movies/tv shows: shameless, discord, (i dont watch tv) sorry mate, chess with rez and suna (raped both btw)

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