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Mentorship Applications / Re: Sydney's Mentorship Application
« Last post by john scoutman on Today at 02:52:13 pm »
Memes, Dead Dreams, & Drama Queens / Re: a rant against liberals
« Last post by mighty on Today at 02:37:48 pm »
ok liberal
Memes, Dead Dreams, & Drama Queens / gay = happy
« Last post by Hai :D on Today at 02:33:22 pm »
omega dab

so if you are happy

you are GAY

i think so


JB | Advisory Team / Re: nochill's Jailbreak A-Team Application
« Last post by CmAnT on Today at 02:26:02 pm »
vouch obviously fit for a team for fortnite/ jb.
Memes, Dead Dreams, & Drama Queens / Is it safe to dab everyday?
« Last post by CmAnT on Today at 02:23:04 pm »
I dont think anyone knows. It's too errly to tell. I did for a few years and didn't see any adverse effects other than the fact that regular buds wouldn't do anything but put me to sleep. The reason I stopped is this: If you use a rig, do you notice all the reclaim that builds up? Notice how sticky it is? I don't want that building up in my lungs. If it's building up on every surface the smoke touches, I cant imagine it not also building up on the walls of my insides, so I went back to bud and only dab on special occasions, or when I'm taking a pen out and want to be discreet. Dab at your own risk, but for now I'll be sticking to the method thats been proven safe over hundreds of years.
Hey guys do y’all want me some more stuff for you to come get back with on ya girl lol lol 😆 should we go to get the boys and go to get a ride and go to get him a couple things for you to do stuff and stuff that you can do to get him to go there to the church ⛪ that’s what you gonna get it you don’t have to worry that you’re not getting a hold on you or just leave you a little girl and you’re not gonna it is so sad can we just get to see him he’s doing it again
Memes, Dead Dreams, & Drama Queens / my recommended words telling a story
« Last post by Philly on Today at 02:17:50 pm »
You can get your stuff out here in a little better for us to do our stuff for tomorrow and we have to get some lunch for a few days before the meeting so if y’all can come get me and get him a little better and get it done and get it to him so we don’t need him and we don’t have any meeting at all the time we can get him to get him and he can get him to go to the vet and get him to go to get him to go there and get him to go to get them for lunch 🥙 that’s a little hard on the time for me so that’s good to say that he’s going to be a good thing he said that you’re gonna was right there we go there to go get it for him to come back tomorrow so he’s gonna we like the new stuff like he’s doing that way to help out the other way and we have to do a good thing he can be done
Mentorship Applications / Re: Isabella mentorship
« Last post by Mistaken on Today at 02:16:34 pm »
I believe this is way too early for you. I feel like you need more experience as an administrator to be able to teach other administrators the rules. You're not even an SA, I'm glad seeing Donors being interested in this, but this app and your experience is too little for something like this. Please take some time and learn our servers more and get a better understanding of this group and maybe see if you get accepted as SA or not. -Devouch
Memes, Dead Dreams, & Drama Queens / a rant against liberals
« Last post by CmAnT on Today at 02:16:25 pm »

Something has changed with the left. Originally, the left represented the opposition to injustice and the advocation of equality. Now, what we see is nothing more than a regression that seems to desire the disposing of the very values leftists have fought for over the years.

We have witnessed an astonishing transition from the days of true social justice warriors, who bravely took to the streets in opposition to the Vietnam War, to a bunch of self-victimised teenagers, constantly in need of protection, safe spaces, and not having their wonderful world views challenged.

Consider this, leftists today will generally proclaim that gender is a social construct, that there is no difference between men and women. Yet, in the same breath, they will condemn the lack of female representation in the workforce. Do they not see the circular logic in play here? Do they not see the inconsistency?

It may seem baffling that no mainstream media is willing to oppose this self-contradictory logic, but it is, in fact, understandable. Members of the left are aggressively quick to decry any contrarian view. They will seek to shut down the voices of the opposition and rob them of their rights to speak their mind lest they risk ‘triggering’ the pampered brats that roam the streets today. We’ve witnessed this countless times, with the disallowing of conservatives to speak across college campuses (particularly in the US), restricting actual intellectual discourse regarding the issues of today.

In today’s world, the content of one’s argument is meaningless. It’s where you lie on the oppression scale that matters most. A new form of racism and bigotry; if you’re a heterosexual, cisgendered, white male, you are an oppressor and your opinion is of less value than the oppressed. If your opinions conflict with others’, and you have the audacity to state them, then you’re denying their ‘experiences and feelings’. We’ve driven ourselves into a post-truth era, wherein facts are decayed and rendered useless.

Out of fear, people are now unable to speak up against the hostile ideologues who associate themselves with radicalised, political campaigns thats members constantly allow sentiment to overcome facts (such as third-wave feminism or the Black Lives Matter movement). The herd mentality is ruling millennials and, due to the intimidation factor prevalent in the left, it seems that matters will only get worse.

I don’t argue for any specific ideology. I try to distance myself from both, liberals and conservatives. What I advocate for is the need for actual intellectual discussion, rather than this imposed limitation on free speech. One must remember, if offended by anything spoken by another, that it is not only the right of the speaker to speak, but the audience retain their right to listen. Meaning, you can’t, or shouldn’t silence any voice that contradicts what you believe, or hurts your feelings. As John Stuart Mill said in his wonderful philosophical work, On Liberty : “If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.”
Children in restaurants.. Fine. But if you think it's okay to let them sit there and scream, let me give you a dose of reality, asshole: You're the only one who thinks it's cute. The rest of us are trying to fucking eat in peace. Cradling her and walking to the middle of the restaurant isn't helping ANYONE.

...Do you notice that every single person is glaring at you? Are you too dense to realise that you've just interrupted fifty peaceful meals because you're too fucking lazy to walk outside?

If you're not gonna be responsible, hire a sitter or eat at home until your kid is old enough to behave.

EDIT: Downvote train arrived - Hi, guys :) CHOO CHOO!

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