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Jailbreak / Re: [POLL] Make CT Quiz harder
« Last post by Axel on Today at 08:58:29 pm »
They’re not meant to be hard. It filters out the CT’s with no experience or knowledge of the rules. It’s meant to be basic stuff to make sure they at least know the simple parts of being CT. Anything harder would turn into a nuicance.
Jailbreak / Re: [POLL] Make CT Quiz harder
« Last post by Fred ♡ on Today at 08:55:46 pm »
the questions aren't hard... But they are there to help people learn rules, not to make them refuse to join ct because "The questions are too hard"

I think the test is fine, even now we still have experienced people getting ctbans from it lol.. It helps filter the people on CT that know the rules and don't.

If we made it harder, less people would get the chance to CT. I don't think we want that, I think the purpose of the CT quiz is to help inexperienced players learn rules more. (that is if they skimmed thru the M.O.T.D) If you failed the quiz, then you go back to rules and re-read them.
JB | Supplementary Admins / Re: T.w² | Potatoes Application for SA
« Last post by alperen on Today at 08:55:27 pm »
-devouch he tries to scam newbies
Jailbreak / Re: [POLL] Make CT Quiz harder
« Last post by ^v^ on Today at 08:50:34 pm »
Questions do their job and prevent absolutely new players from getting on.

The questions repeat often enough that people can just get the one specific rule known but then not actually know how to play CT, which is why I dislike the idea of a CTQuiz anyways. It kind of just boycotts new players while trolls still can get through pretty easily and if you change it they'll just memorize the answers and then still not follow rules.
Temp Leaves / Re: Urbana's temp leave title without the 3 dots i guess
« Last post by Philly on Today at 08:48:21 pm »
one test thats an Israeli version of ur SAT

hope you fail fuckboy
Jailbreak / Re: [POLL] Make CT Quiz harder
« Last post by Philly on Today at 08:45:15 pm »
Moved to Jailbreak just so Jailbreak players can find this easier and vote. You posted this in the right area, I just wanted to move it.

I'll move this back to Queue or Denied depending on the poll results.

Poll ends on Saturday, get your votes in and explain why you lean one way or the other
Jailbreak / Re: Make CT Quiz harder
« Last post by majd on Today at 08:26:11 pm »
also the questions are so dependent. like can cts do minigames. ya better believe they can on free days and shit
Jailbreak / Re: Make CT Quiz harder
« Last post by ris on Today at 08:18:43 pm »
Jailbreak / [POLL] Make CT Quiz harder
« Last post by Doxially on Today at 08:14:42 pm »
1. Describe the Suggestion: redo the ct quiz questions and make them a lot harder. When I got unbanned and joined jailbreak I noticed a lot of arguing among the Ct's about rules. Obviously, if a CT is arguing with another CT about if someone is allowed to go in a vent or not and chase after the T they clearly should not be on ct.
2. Related link(s):
3. Possible positive impacts: You would not be able to clear the whole ct team in 3mins because they would actually be good and cause less arguing because half the people on it still don't know the rules
4. Possible negative impacts: I see none
5. Which Division/Server will this idea affect: JailBreak
6. Tag the respective Staff member(s): (div staff, div managers, web admin, etc.): @Wumbear @Philly
Wow, didn't tag me in it, that's cool... guess I will warn you for double posting xD

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