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waddles Member*

  • https://steamcommunity.com/id/mitchoscar/
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January 27, 2020, 04:49:38 pm
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May 16, 2021, 07:04:58 am
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-🎮Am a Gamer. Earth and plants and animal lover. Have plants growing in my room🌱. I love rain🌧, but also love sunny☀ days. Hate just gray days, and cloudy days, unless super foggy🌫️. They drain me and make me just want to lay in bed. Favourite season is Fall🍂. Second is Spring and Summer tied. Spring has the perfect temperatures and breezes, perfect picnic atmospheres. For summer I just love swimming beyond belief, can swim for hours and hours. Love that you can do anything and feel excited from just the heat of the weather. Love ❄️snow, and 🎄Xmas though. Just that close, happy feeling. A holiday about getting together, being together, giving, and showing love.

-♓Am Pisces, and an introvert. My birthday is March 19th. I am a young adult. Spirit animal is an 🦉Owl, but I love 🐺wolves, and all other animals.

-🌸Love the color light Pink, though my favorite color was always gray, because it’s a balance of black and white, and more reasons, but now I’m not sure which I enjoy more. Probably a light pink color.

-Have grayish/blueish eyes.

-🥑Am Vegetarian, wanting to be Vegan. Don't want to get into the details too much here, but it's just hard because of how many foods have dairy in them. Why people still drink/use an animals breast milk meant for their babies, in food, is beyond me. Especially when plant-based milks are way better in every way, and not cruel. People just don't like to change, or like change in all. People don't try different things or experiment very often. Ontop of that, sadly, human consumption of animal milk has been normalized by society and the industry.

-🌺Am kind. At least I try to be. However, I am also wilful and wise. I fight for what's right. I never take the easy path or go with what others go with. I live life trying to fight for and do what’s right. I’m not perfect, though. I want to change the world.

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