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Author Topic: How to Provide Evidence  (Read 1850 times)

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How to Provide Evidence
« on: July 21, 2018, 11:26:22 pm »

Our old thread we had about providing evidence was heavily outdated, so I decided to make this new thread instead.
This thread is for users who are looking to get evidence for a report, as is required under Abusive Admins and Player Reports.
There are two main sources when acquiring evidence.


There are applications such as OBS and other video recording software that can be used to record certain parts of a demo.
If you witnessed abuse or other rule-breaking going on in the server, you should go to demos.tangoworldwide.net if a video is needed.
Our GOTV bot is currently exclusive for Jailbreak until we can expand it to other servers, otherwise there is shadowplay to record something that happened very recently if you're not on Jailbreak.
Sometimes, a video isn't always necessary to have evidence though, which leads to our next source...


In Steam, the default button to take a screenshot is F12. After taking the screenshot, you can upload it directly to Steam - but make sure to make it public so we can see it as well.
Otherwise, if it's not a Steam, upload the screenshot to something like imgur.com, note that if it's multiple screenshots, it makes it easier for us if you just upload it to an Imgur album.
If a certain chat happens to go up too fast, you can press the console key (~) to open console and take a screenshot of the console.

Note - Copied and pasted chat logs do not count as evidence, it can be easily tampered with and faked.
Along with screenshots of a private Steam message, these are also easily faked and cannot be validated as proper evidence.

All reports that are under Abusive Admins or Player Reports require evidence, so this is a big step to reporting.

If you're confused on how to record with GOTV, click here to be redirected to the tutorial.

Community Affairs Department.
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