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Author Topic: Closure of Peer Counseling, Adopt a Player to return  (Read 306 times)

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Closure of Peer Counseling, Adopt a Player to return
« on: August 27, 2017, 02:26:37 pm »
Today we regret to inform the community that we have decided it is in the best interest of TangoWorldWide to discontinue the peer counseling program indefinitely.

The program has been terminated due to the lack of successful leaders of the group. What was once a very successful program under Rangii and Slayer, as the time went on the group continued to diminish in value to what it has become today. Peer Counseling started as a group to help troubled players in our community (partially based off cL's original Adopt A Player Program), and turned into something we didn't want... a group of un-certified counselors helping other users with serious problems. This isn't something we are certified to do, nor ever wanted to. Months back we had issues with PC members helping suicidal members amongst other problems, something that AAP and PC were never designed to do.

We have released Peer Counseling from TangoWorldWide indefinitely and have decided to shuffle Community Leadership's staff to bring back the Adopt a Player program. Adopt a Player will be under the lead of @Conner assisted by @angel 冬 while the entire program will be lead by @sk67 and @Dapper. This new setup is achievable by the new roster setup and we are putting this team in effect to hopefully pick up the remains of PC and help Community Leadership continue to thrive alongside Mentorship. This is one of the best teams we've seen since Sinister, Urbana, briana, and FrozenJaguar used work on cL together in 2015/2016.

We are excited to see what is to come. Congratulations to those promotions.
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