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Author Topic: Changelog v15- 12/13 @ 11:13PM EST  (Read 852 times)

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Changelog v15- 12/13 @ 11:13PM EST
« on: December 13, 2014, 11:13:18 pm »
TangoWorldWide Change Log v15 12/13

Hey guys, Ben here bringing everyone up to date on what has been changing within Tango.

Updates this week for far, more detail to come:
  • Security Breach!
  • Minecraft server under construction
  • 12Doc (Twelve Days Of Christmas)
  • New DayZ SA Division
  • Community Leadership

Now lets go into depth with these topics:

Security Breach within Tango:
Within the past few days Ownership discovered people who found a way to hack into our systems.
They compromised Tango but Ownership was able to deal with the problem.

We are asking everyone to please reset their passwords on the forums, for security reasons.
Read more here.

Minecraft Server:
One of our Staff members has been constructing a Minecraft server for Tango.
@ThatScarfDude has been working on creating a server for Tangos members to play together on Minecraft.

He is currently looking for a game type to make the server such as:
  • Survival
  • PvP/Factions/Raid
  • Creative
  • Minigames
  • Skyblock
  • Other
If you wish to help decide which it should be, go vote Here.

Twelve Days of Christmas:

Our team of Event Officials have put together the "Twelve Days of Christmas" events for everyone in the community to participate in.

Each day is a new event, hosted on each of Tangos different servers.
For more information go Here.

DayZ Standalone Division:
TangoWorldWide has began a new division of servers.
DayZ Standalone!

We have set up our first Standalone server under the ip of : dayz.tangoworldwide.net
Connect and join our fellow members in slaughtering each other and zombies!

This division is run by Division Leader : @Alucard

Community Leadership:
Tangos Sub-Group "Community Leadership" is yet again looking for new members.
Community Leadership is all about helping people, we make it our job to make sure everyone is comfortable within Tango and any questions are answered as fast as possible!

If you are interested in this, we are currently low on members and are recruiting.
You can either apply Here or message me via the forums.

A huge Happy Holidays from the Staff of TangoWorldWide!
Hope you all enjoy all the festivity's
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