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Author Topic: Change Log v1 -1/6 @ 7:09PM EST  (Read 769 times)

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Change Log v1 -1/6 @ 7:09PM EST
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:12:31 pm »
Welcome to the first change log for TangoWorldWide. A lot has changed since we were just a team so lets get started.
Currently there are 4 different aspects of Tango being constructed.
1. The Forums
2. The Community Servers
3. The New Mumble
4. Sourcebans

Each one is scheduled to be completed sometime this week. Currently we have moved to a new host and the databases are located off-site now; this will prevent security breaches for our website.

What else was changed?
The forums have been created, sections may be added and removed in the future but are staying as they are now, for the time being. Applications will be enabled soon, so please get to applying! We'd like to build this community and it starts with the users themselves. The ranking systems, the website, and basically everything as a whole has been launched live. Now we wait for any other major changes as the leadership team develops the community toward what our members want.

Get your friends to register, and remember to join our steam group!
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