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Author Topic: Change Log v19 - 10/16/2015 @ 12:32PM  (Read 791 times)

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Change Log v19 - 10/16/2015 @ 12:32PM
« on: October 16, 2015, 12:33:18 pm »

    * = New / Addition
    - = Removed Content
    + = Improved
    ^ = Edited / Revised
    ! = Bug Repaired
    ? = Other / Misc

    TangoWorldWide.net ChangeLog v19

    As stated, we've wanted to increase the amount of ChangeLogs pushed out to TangoWorldWide so users can stay up to date on the most recent materials. As normal, this ChangeLog is from the Ownership's perspective, so if we missed something you think is important that you've seen change, note it below! I hope you enjoy the recent changes, and decide to post your feedback below! Thanks.

    (v19 - 10/16/2015) :: TangoWorldWide.net ChangeLog!

    01. ^ Automated 3AM Backups Adjusted
    • Currently, the only way to be able to backup the forums successfully is to have a forum-lock each morning and transfer the data to the backup services. We've gone ahead and optimized how this works abit, to make a small edit of pushing the forum-lock from a full minute to nearly 15 seconds. My goal is by the end of the year find a way to have non-locking updates, but this stands as so.

    02. + Jailbreak to see more Changes
    • Divisional Staff of Jailbreak has decided to pull on the reigns, with plans to push major updates to the server. Back earlier this year, we ran "Rule Rewind" and the server launched up ranks once more. To cut confusion, and have an optimal and fun rule-set, we plan to push this update again bringing back the original 2.0 rules written in 2014 by Shadow and Shredder. More updates to include longer muted-times for Terrorists, muting CTs while the warden is talking, and other improvements for quality. Their hope is to rid of the term "CancerBreak" and help make the server flourish again.

    03. * Life Line Board added
    • It's been nearly a year since we added a general-discussion formatted board, so Today we are adding "Life Line". The goal of Life Line, is to bridge your virtual world to your every day! Our future goal of the forum, is to start changing the course of our forums from solely intended for TangoWorldWide's Gaming, to a general forum/board that anyone, including non-gamers, can register on.

    04. + Forum-Group Price Slash
    • Instead of forcing scarcity on items we sell, we've decided it'd be best to set solid-prices, and eventually lock sales on perks like Awards and Forum-Groups. The new prices will be $75 for a forum-award, and $200 for a forum-group. Both are lifetime of your TangoWorldWide account.

    05. ^ Rule Revisions Start
    • We've been working very slowly at pushing revisions to the Official Rules & Policies. Within the next several weeks, we'd like to move them into a full terms-of-service forum, on a non posted thread. This is expected to be completed around the New Year, as we release a major revision each year. 

    06. * A new TTT finds it's home in TangoWorldWide
    • TangoWorldWide proudly merges in TacoTown, a private server owned by our own GMOD Lead, @Nisse and coordinated by @Sharktooth96. Back in 2014, Nisse was the founder and owner of CookieTown, which merged in until termination from the server's host. They've been at work on a new server since, as we shuffled different TTT-Leads, and have finally decided to step in and take over here. Since the merge with TacoTown, both our forums, and their server, has seen marginal increases.

    07. + Store Update Released!
    • @Lt.DoomY's store has seen yet another update this past week, bringing Player-Colors network wide. In a near future update, we should see a case inventory, and paintballs. You can read his release notes at the line provided below. 
    • Read More >> http://tangoworldwide.net/index.php?topic=10529.0

    08. + CSGOBig pushed site-wide!
    • We've pushed CSGOBig's logos and materials side wide official, closing out the final sponsor deals! We have plans to eventually put banners in-servers on walls and in spawns, but this plugin is still in testing and development. Make sure you check out their website, it's well made, and very professional!!

    Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy the newer releases, and next weekend there WILL be another Change Log for Information![/list]
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