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Author Topic: Community Events Rules and Guidelines  (Read 4006 times)

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Community Events Rules and Guidelines
« on: August 05, 2020, 02:14:57 am »

Community Event Rules and Guidelines

Please note that the Event Leader ( @silverii ) reserves the right to punish as he sees fit, if a situation is not serving to provide a friendly or safe environment for all to enjoy.
These rules are subject to change at any time.

1. All community events participants agree to be compliant with the COCPE , as well as the respective MOTD for the event. All Community Events follow the COCPE, regardless of whether it is hosted on a mature server or not.

2. If you are unable to attend an event, message the host of the event or comment on the event post AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE the event starts. Requesting removal from the RSVP list after said 30 minute warning will be considered flaking.

3. It is not the job of the host to notify you an hour or more in advance of an event, however event hosts are encouraged to ping attendees in Discord 15 minutes in advance. Keep track of your own events and clear your own calendar for them.

4. Teamspeak is required for all events, except those hosted in Discord (such as Jackbox). Events that require screen-sharing will be hosted in Discord, and Discord is required for them. Teamspeak and Discord can be found here.

5. Harassing, annoying, or otherwise disrupting an event can be met with an event ban or a server ban correlating to where it is being held. It is fairly easy to tell if an event is going on, based on the Discord/TS3 channel name. In the case that an event is being held in-server, just ask an informed admin or the event host.

6. Similarly, harassing, bothering, or DMing an event host or event coordinator about a punishment given to you will only further harm your case. All appeals or complaints can be brought directly to silverii (discord: silver#4333) or an IA report can be made here.

7. When an event is being hosted on an official Tango server, such as Jailbreak, only those hosting the event (typically the div staff and event coordinators) should be using admin powers. Normal enforcement of rules (such as what is outlined in rule 1) is fine, but admins that are not hosting the event should NOT be using their admin power to assist the event unless the hosts request they do so. This is to prevent confusion and/or mistakes. (example: multiple admins freezing during an HNS event, which eats up the time and patience of all those involved)

8. If you are banned from the Teamspeak AND Discord, you will be automatically event BANNED from all non-server events. RSVPing for an event taking place in Teamspeak or Discord if you are banned from said server will be counted against you as flaking.

By RSVPing, participating in, or attending any event in Tango, you agree to follow these rules.

Regards, the Event Team.

Last updated 3/14/2021
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