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As the person who got reported, I would say this is not true, which is correct.
What I was doing was ok because there was only 3 others on.
This means we were not doing regular days and was just messing around.
Im giving this a -devouch

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Will confirm- the vaiinus is big.
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HEY NERD THIS IS MY PROFILE. Search... HELLO CMANT Unread Replies Logout 173 Players in 31 Servers HOME FORUMS COMMUNITY GETTING STARTED... REGISTER APPLY OFFICIAL ROSTER... F.T.C.S. RULES/POLICIES... ADMIN HANDBOOK ESPORTS... PLAYER RECRUITMENT MAKE A TEAM TEAMS SECTION TANGOBADGES COMMUNITY AFFAIRS... ABUSIVE ADMINS PLAYER REPORTS BAN APPEALS MEDIA TWITCH SIGNATURES SERVERS SERVER LIST... SERVER LIST MANAGER SOURCEBANS GMODBANS GAMEME STATS SYSTEMS STATUS MONITOR DONATE TF2 & GARRY'S MOD TANGOMAIL MOUSEPADS TANGOSTORE SHOWCASE SHIRTS & HOODIES MODERATE MODERATION LOG UNAPPROVED POSTS AND TOPICS UNAPPROVED ATTACHMENTS REPORTED POSTS MOTD MANAGER PROFILE SUMMARY ACCOUNT SETTINGS FORUM PROFILE MENTIONS GROUPS MY BADGES MY MESSAGES READ YOUR MESSAGES SEND A MESSAGE MEMBERS VIEW THE MEMBERLIST SEARCH FOR MEMBERS LOGOUT TangoWorldWide » Profile of CmAnT » Summary Profile Info Modify Profile CmAnT Divisional Staff Basic Info CmAnT Divisional Staff * http://steamcommunity.com/id/flamez57 Online Online Show Posts Show Stats Additional Membergroups Community Leadership * Mentor * PokeNerds * Uprising * Fire Skins * Fish Tank * Profile Visitors Cowboy Cookie Terranian VaiiN mikee Javerious Revolver Ross InsideJob SouthWind66 forbis_303 st3v3n .bronco. DapperPanda Profile InfoProfile WallFriendsPostsTopicsShow StatsBadgesName History About Me Don't you ever try and tell me you're too broken for me I got pieces in the mirror I ain't willing to see I couldn't tell you this the other day, I knew you would leave But see you're perfect to me There is not a thing that you need ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ → ❤ Some of my favorite designs: Spoiler (click to show/hide) Spoiler (click to show/hide) Spoiler (click to show/hide) Activity Feed What are you thinking? Submit CmAnT die Today at 09:14:32 am - 0 replies VaiiN How do you like it? -InsideJob Today at 03:37:24 am - 0 replies VaiiN The T Handbook TangoWorldWide JailBreak Edition Overview: The purpose of this handbook is to familiarize new and confused players about the purpose of the Terrorist or the T and to cover some important information on how to become a successful and knowledgeable T. This handbook also includes tips and tricks that may help you on your next round as a T. Objective: As A terrorist, your objective is to survive the round while doing different activities that the warden want’s you to do in order to get LR(Last Request). The different side to this story is the way of the rebeler. As a rebeller, you have given up listening to the warden’s orders and your new objective is to eliminate all ct’s in order to finish the round. The Start of the Round: At the start of the round, you should usually try to find any weapons, teleports, or vents in your cell and use them if you really want to rebel. Note: If you are caught knifing a vent, throwing a lethal grenade, or shooting a gun, the CT’s then have the right to kill you. Keeping yourself alive: Don't be a smart-Alec. If the warden gives you direct orders to get somewhere don’t hesitate to do so, otherwise it is considered “delaying” and you may either be warning shot or killed for doing so. Rebelling at the right time: Always make sure when you rebel, the time is right. This could mean that the CT's are preoccupied with another rebelling T, or just have their backs turned towards you. Even though you might only kill one CT before you die, that is one less CT for your teammates to deal with later. Plus, your team gets a gun in the process. Getting What You Want: If your fellow T’s are just fooling around, and not listening to the warden’s orders, seize the moment and act like you are the nicest guy and listen in order to gain his/her trust. Once you do, the warden may soften trust you more and may let you off with some warnings without a penalty, or even let you pick the next minigame! The opposite side of this story is the cancerous T. When the warden knows and remembers the T that rebels, or acts cancerous the most, then that warden may not let them off as easily. Note: the result may vary on who is the warden, so get to know them better and stick to his/her good side. Last Request: When you are the last terrorist alive you have the option to type !lr commence a last request of your choice. Some options that you may choose from in the last request list are; Gun Toss: Person to throw their gun the farthest wins Knife Fight: In knife fight you can choose between three different game modes; Third Person(Not available), Vintage(normal), Low gravity(you may jump higher than usual), and Meep-Meep speed(Increase in running speed). Note: some of these modes are broken like third person, if you do choose third person, it will do a Meep-Meep speed mode. No-scope Battle: In this LR, mode you may choose between 4 snipers; the AWP, SSG8, and the Auto SNipers. The objective in this LR mode is to shoot one another without scoping. Shot-4-Shot: Here you may choose between any pistol and you will take turns shooting each other till the death. Shotgun War: When activated, the Terrorist and the chosen CT will receive an Auto-Shotgun and 300 hp. Rock Paper Scissors: A menu pops up in the middle of your screen that gives you 3 choices to pick from; rock, paper, or scissors. Rebel: An all time favorite for those who love rebelling. When activated, you receive X100 amount of HP for every CT that is currently alive, and you get an M249 and a Deagle. Now your current goal is to eliminate all CT’s Dodgeball: Both T and the chosen CT receive a flashbang and get their health reduced to 1 HP. The goal for this LR mode is to try to hit each other with a flashbang until someone get’s hit/killed. Hot Potato: When activated, the chosen CT get’s teleported to the T’s location and receives a deagle. The objective in this game is to throw the deagle to each other until the timer runs out. When the timer runs out, the person who has the deagle in their hand or is the last person to throw it will get slayed. MagforMag: In this LR mode, both CT and T receive a pistol that the T has chosen in the menu, then the system chooses who will go first. When the player has been chosen, his gun will be filled with a full mag of bullets and will begin the game. Russian Roulette: When activated, the CT that has been chosen by the T will be teleported to the location of the T and will be suspended in air. The goal of this game is to shoot each other with a deagle until the other player is dead. Custom LR: This is not a mode that is in the LR menu but this is chosen when you ask for a CT to do what you would like against each other. Note: you may only do this with one CT. Note: In some LR’s it is required that you give specific rules in order for the game to be fair, and that there is an understanding of what to do and where to go. Some of these LR’s may be: Shot4Shot. Mag4Mag, Shotgun War, No-scope Battle, Gun toss, Knife fight, and Custom LR. Conclusion: Hopefully this helped clear some confusion and some questions that were waiting to be answered. Now Hopefully you can use this information in game to improve your skill base and your knowledge of staying alive! Vents and Secrets in Specific Maps: Clouds Beta: Since this is the most common map played on the JB server I will start off with this :) If you find yourself in this cell then break the middle board like so then stay on the right side of the 2 remaining boards and crouch jump till you hit the top of the cage and walk over to the next cell :) Here there is a vent on top of this tree. To get to it, you must first jump onto the ledge of this jump rope mini game, then crouch jump onto the branch on the right then take a few steps back to jump onto the branch on the left to teleport into main cell isolation. If you find yourself on top of main cells and you want a quick escape outside without getting noticed. Then in this picture, press e on the vent below then jump onto the ledge where my crosshair is pointing and then press e onto the top vent. Within 10 seconds you will be teleported into a room out side by basketball and bhop and you will receive a UMP. this is called the “UMP vent” KAPPA In the middle of this tree is a teleporter that will direct you to the outside pool! But beware of any CT’s that may have saw you use that teleporter, because it is considered K.O.S. When inside armory you may find yourself stuck between pursuing CT’s from the front and the back. A way you can escape this situation is to first jump onto this pipe and walk forward until you see 4 power boxes, shoot the power box farthest left then walk further forward until there is a block on top of your head. When you reach this point press e at the end of the block and it will open. There is an invisible ladder that you can use to get inside of the box. Then when inside, there will be a glass box surrounding you after climbing the second ladder. Then you may pick off CT’s without a trace to where you are :) If it is either a purge day, freeday, warday, or any day, if you would like to get to armory then the first thing you need to know is that there is an invisible block in between the block that I am standing on, and the floating block with some grass and trees on it. The placement of the invisible block is about a running jump away from this block. Then estimate another running jump to the next island. After making to the 2nd island, there is a teleporter on the right side of this sign that you can use to teleport to the back side of the armory. This is called the “armory jump” If you think that the “armory jump” is too dangerous and you aren’t that good with depth perception then try your chances with this secret vent. First you break this block then jump into it, after doing so you will be teleported into a secluded part of the map where there is a tree in the middle. If you want a glock, crouch walk carefully into it then hug the left ledge until you get a glock. After about 30 seconds, you will be teleported into the VIP cell if you have not figured out the next secret to get into either pool or armory. Today at 03:37:13 am - 0 replies FrostEffects You want these masterballs in your mouth tho June 21, 2017, 03:02:58 am - 1 replies IKEA Luv you CmAnT! Rock it as Div Staff of JB!!!!! :) June 20, 2017, 07:29:36 am - 1 replies CmAnT hi aaron June 12, 2017, 12:52:23 pm - 0 replies princess aaron hi cmant June 11, 2017, 09:03:55 am - 0 replies CmAnT no June 04, 2017, 10:52:15 pm - 0 replies Rangii yes June 04, 2017, 09:29:24 pm - 0 replies Rangii u tried to leave don't give me that shit u fkn cracker barrel June 04, 2017, 01:17:29 pm - 1 replies Harry Fuck you headass <3 June 02, 2017, 02:08:34 pm - 0 replies Dirtfox beanstalk headass June 02, 2017, 12:36:19 am - 0 replies Rangii ye I'll beat u up with my carrot June 01, 2017, 11:42:36 pm - 0 replies Rangii i'm a rebel god June 01, 2017, 10:33:54 am - 1 replies CmAnT I love my taste too <3 May 31, 2017, 06:58:32 am - 0 replies Dream love your taste in music catman <3 May 31, 2017, 12:27:46 am - 0 replies TheWildThorn Man, this guy IS RAELI cool. 8^) May 30, 2017, 03:11:07 am - 0 replies G2A Sponsor Image EOReality.com Sinus Bot TangoServersLLC Logo AllTrapNation.com CSGO Boss G2A Sponsor Image EOReality.com Sinus Bot TangoServersLLC Logo AllTrapNation.com CSGO Boss 4th of July Week Sale! Come check out the prices at this link! https://t.co/Qhdtt7lWoa | Tue Jul 04 Its that time of the month! Vote for your Member, Admin and Staff of the Month! Click this link ---> https://t.co/Dx1YT5EhzQ | Sun Jul 02 Tango wins yet another, 16-10 against Mosos-Money Crew on de_mirage! Great job guys! | Sun Jun 25 Discover our Twitch Join our Steam Group Follow us on Twitter Check out our Youtube Powered by SMF Copyright © 2017 TangoWorldWide Switch Color Mode [JAILBREAK] ADMIN & CREDIT GIVEAWAYS!!! We are about to do a massive giveaway on Jailbreak. Come and Join us!!!jb.tw2.usGiveaway starts at... Posted By: T.w² || Sk67 4TH OF JULY WEEK SALES!!! Visit us on our event page and check out our 4th of July sale!Link ---&gt;... Posted By: T.w² | aPness CS:GO 1V1 SERVER KNIFE GIVEAWAY! For the whole month of July, go up against players from all parts of the gaming community on our 1v1... Posted By: T.w² | aPness
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