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Hey now me butters and a few other staff are doing what were supposed to do and we're active so frick you.  And twales enjoy mentoring.
Beez just watch the way I play d if I'm try Harding.
I know how you do it.  Aim bot.  Jk
Trouble In Terrorist Town / Re: The g3sg1 nerf
« Last post by Danicho468 on Today at 10:09:51 am »
No nurfing to the g3 or I kill.
I try my best but sometimes I wanna play a different game and now with my schedule getting busier idk how much time I will have. 
Admin Applications / Re: T.w²_Otaku_Is_Woke app
« Last post by Danicho468 on Today at 09:42:42 am »
-Neutral. Just saw him yesterday become more active and I will vouch you.
Applications / Re: @ris said make an app
« Last post by Conner on Today at 09:21:46 am »
We are posting to inform you that your application for Memed has been postponed/placed on hold. There are various reasons on why your application may have been placed on hold, so please ensure you read the entire reason below. Typically, applications can stay on hold for up to ∞-days, feel free within the next couple of days to use zero thread bumps, asking for updates on the reasoning. If we provide a specific reason, and it is something you can correct, you must bump the thread once you complete such, ex. post counts.

Reason for postponed Application:
 - We don't think you are ready yet.
 - you didn't send me enough bitcoin

We hope you understand our decisioning, and hope that this message does not completely discourage you, but help you better your chances if you choose to reapply in the near future. We hope to see you back in our servers soon.

Best Regards,
Executive Chairman of Memed.
@ris said make an app
Day 9. Getting closer and closer

How can you tell?
Memed / Making a post everyday until I'm accepted into memed. Day 9
« Last post by Haze. on Today at 05:39:57 am »
Day 9. Getting closer and closer
AWP/Scout / Re: AWP/Scout Changelog
« Last post by Damien on Today at 04:32:04 am »
Changelog (1/16/19):
  • Replace tw_ads with text advertisements to fix a memory leak
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