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Author Topic: [Application Template] TangoWorldWide Official Designer  (Read 946 times)

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[Application Template] TangoWorldWide Official Designer
« on: March 01, 2018, 05:46:07 pm »

TangoWorldWide Official Designer Application

Branding, marketing, and releases start with the first thing you see -- the graphics! There is a constant need for new graphics, video, and animations work as TangoWorldWide continues to grow. We are in search of designers, animators, and visionaries who can assist us in releasing the most visually pleasing content possible. If you think you can be apart of this team of individuals we encourage you to continue reading and join our designer team!

As we continuously do upgrades to our forums, events occur, and holidays fly by each year we constantly need new graphics to visually appeal to the user's of TangoWorldWide. Let's face it. Nobody wants to view an out-dated or unaesthetic platform. That's where TangoWorldWide needs YOU to join our designer team and help us visually please everyone 8).

  • Work side by side with other developers, designers, and mappers
  • Complete graphic requests and backlogged items
  • Create fun, creative, and visually pleasing arts
  • Editing software (such as Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Blender, Gimp, etc)
  • Experience creating graphics works, animation, or video editing
  • Have a keen eye for detail
  • Ability to maintain files, archive work, and keep your work up-to-date (constantly pushing new works onto our cloud network)
  • Passionate and self motivated to improve and accept constructive criticism
  • Anyone without an active ban on our network is welcome to apply to the designer team! This includes if you are from other communities or organizations, however, you are expected not to use resources you obtain from TangoWorldWide on any other platform.
Additional preferred skills:
  • Willing to assist others in the program with their visual work
  • Experience in the software which you are listing you have/use
  • Fundamental understanding of professional content
  • Ability to take criticism, and have work denied for release
  • Build a portfolio by creating your works! All of your resources and designs made will be housed on our cloud. You are allowed to use this as a portfolio, for job resumes, and more
  • Ability to collaborate and work alongside other designers which can provide feedback, criticism, and help you reach your goals
  • Paid Jobs (Please note not all jobs are paid, only major projects may carry compensation of some sort. Compensation includes TangoWorldWide perks, gift cards, steam items, or monetary payment)
  • Work with experienced operators and management that can teach you how to make professional works
  • Experience! You are entitled to letters of recommendation, references, and other help in building your resume
  • Your work is actively show-cased on our front page, on our website, and various places users can see
  • Exclusive Designer Userbar!
    Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Think you should join the designer team? It's time to apply! Create a new thread by clicking here and copy the template below. Write your answer after each ":" character in the thread you respond with. Please note the your application is expected to be thorough and complete. Neatness counts towards your ability to be accepted. Finally, * or ** characters denotes a question where details on how to answer are listed below.
Code: [Select]
[b]1. First Name[/b]:
[b]2. Age[/b]:
[b]3. Were you referred to apply for the designer team (list who)[/b]:
[b]4. What kind of content would you like to make for TangoWorldWide*[/b]:
[b]5. What editing software do you have[/b]:
[b]6. What software are you most experienced with[/b]:
[b]7. Describe previous experience (School, online courses, self taught, work experience, past jobs)[/b]:
[b]8. Past work (please provide a portfolio or other previous works)**[/b]:
[b]9. What can you bring to the designer team[/b]:
[b]10. Are you willing to further your knowledge of graphic arts, and can receive constructive criticism[/b]:
[b]11. Will you actively participate in group activities, meetings, etc[/b]:
[b]12. Will you actively post on the private designer forums[/b]:
[b]13. Are you comfortable advising other users of the group, and sharing your experience[/b]:
[b]14. How much time can you dedicate to the group on a weekly basis (hours)[/b]:
[b]15. Do you understand all graphics work will need to be original, copyrighted works cannot be used in your designs[/b]:

* - Question 4:
This is an open ended section, however we want to provide a general idea of what we are looking for. You should list as many of the following as you are willing to do for TangoWorldWide. Content would include:
  • Front-Page Graphics
  • Logos/Banners
  • Motion Graphics / Intros / Outros
  • Textures
  • Userbars, badges, and other small graphics
  • Avatars, cover-photos, etc
** - Question 7:
If you do not have past works which you can share with us, we would like you to demonstrate your range of skills. Please create a graphic for TangoWorldWide. This should reflect what you answered in question 4. For example, motion graphics? An intro for videos. Userbars? An example userbar... and so on.

Now that you have posted your application, we will review it soon and be in contact when we have a decision. Please note, not all designers will be accepted their first try. We may reach our for additional example works.

We thank you for your interest in our designer team, and hope to work with you soon.
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