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None bcz i don’t think my gf would appreciate it

we get it you're cringe and have a gf lol

Lmao i don’t see how it’s cringe making a post deciding which picture is better i’m pretty sure u thinking she’s underaged and shit makes it weird like we get ur fucking old

Idk i kinda already have mine but if i’d want another dream car it would prob be a corvette stingray 2020 i’m tryna stay a little realistic so

You're 14.. Daddys Mustang isnt YOUR car lmfao

I own one of my dream cars, 2011 E92 BMW M3. I got a bunch of em but thats gonna take a lot of hard work to get to lmao
Nissan R32 GTR, R34 GTR, 250SX (i owned one for 5 months) Silvia S15
2016 Subaru STI (hyper blue edition)
In 2015 i had was foolish with my money and ha bought me a lambo but sold it for a down payment on my condo (if you know you know)  :P
ive owned about 6 cars within the last 4 years ish. Working hard to some more lmfao
Someones mad and dont fucking know what ur talking about paid for 3/4 of the car with my own money lmao so stfu if u dont know shit also which fucking dad drives a mustang out of curiosity lmao

dv gets drunk and high at the same time and tells baseball to kill him self  :'(

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Hello I'm slothy

Hello I'm Slothy, I'm 14 I play a lot of JailBreak. My name is Matthew but you can call me Sloth or Slothy, nice to meet you.


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