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A thought came across my mind as I was reinstalling CS:GO today. That thought was "I wonder how TangoWorldWide is doing?"

I am deeply saddened that I was not able to rejoin sooner and try and reconnect with old friends from this community. But hey, life is sometimes like that. We forget things that are important to us and what made us who we are today.

Despite the unfortunate confrontations and drama that happened during my time here, there have been, more often than not, very fond memories of several people throughout the few years I was a member and staff here. You guys are honestly a life-changing group of people and I hope that as we all move on, please try and keep these connections and memories intact. For some, it's all we have.

Furthermore, I would like to apologize to anyone in which I had these confrontations or drama within the community. I regret to admit that most of my time in this community was a time where I was going through dark, terrible and personal conflicts in my own IRL. If I was at all short, rude, or otherwise unpleasant to you, I implore you to forgive me as you were not the issue. I do not want any bad blood for people who do not deserve it.

You all were a blast to play with. Take care of yourselves.

It was a great place.

Thanks for the memories!

Although I haven't been an active member or one at all for the last two years this community did so much for me in the past when I was still having a hard time making any friends irl at all. This place was my escape and was an absolute pleasure to always take my mind off al l the hard times in life and to just have some good laughs. I am grateful for all the times I here and hope that without any of the servers that this community can still make it to the 9 and 10 year marks. I was never close or even friends with you balon but I hope for all the best for you in the future and thanks you for making a special place for me and many others to stay.
Thanks again to all the people who made my stay here more enjoyable :)

Official Announcements / Re: End of the Road (8th Year Post & Future Plans)
« on: February 01, 2022, 03:22:27 pm »
I know I am a little late to this post but I feel it wouldn't be right to leave reading this post without replying. I joined the community way back 2015 and remember playing on the bhop server way back at the beginning. Looking all the way back then it is unbelievable to see how far I have come and grown as a person, I mean hell I went through and graduated high school and college as a part of Tango. I do not think there is anyway that I will ever be able to separate Tango from my identity as I have found amazing friends through this community who I appreciate with all my heart. This community has done so much for me and provided me with an escape from my shitty life that I experienced outside of Tango. Throughout my time here I never felt unwelcome at all, @balon if that was truly your goal as you said in your post it is safe to say that you achieved it during the time I was around Tango. I would also be lying if I said that I am not tearing up a little bit writing this post and while I haven't been extremely active in the community due to my life outside of my computer taking a bigger priority I still feel connected to everyone that I have made a connection with here.

I just wanted to thank a few people who made Tango extremely special to me:

@balon thank you for making this community, believing in me, and giving me chances to prove myself as a valuable staff member during my time in staff as well as being stern and making sure my ego did not go to my head. I really appreciate all you have done for me and this community and I hope everything goes well for you in your life and wish nothing but good things for you.

@Conner you already know I love you man. I mean we actually met up in real life and hung out and we text, but I hope you read this and know that I truly care about you as a friend and that I do not know where I would be without you by my side. You are a real friend and it means a lot to me that you have stuck with me through everything.

@Vita it has been a while man, but I still appreciate our times together late at night playing games together. They helped me get through tough times and I don't know if I ever thanked you properly for that, so thank you. I hope you have a great life.

@shauna I don't even know if you will see this, but I appreciate you as a friend and you helping me through times with Conner that I don't know if I could have made it through without you guys. Just like Conner even though we still talk sometimes I hope you know that I care about you and would be there for support in a heartbeat.

I am going to put the last one in spoilers because it might be a little heavy, but they were a big part of my time here and probably another reason why I stopped hanging around Tango so often. I just need to get it out because I feel as though I haven't been able to before due to one reason or another.

Spoiler: Dream (click to show/hide)

If I didn't include you if I tried to include everyone that made an impression and had a positive impact on my time at Tango I would be here writing this message for days. I truly appreciate this community and what it did for me growing up.

One last time to really drive it home, @balon I appreciate and respect your drive to make this community the best it could be even when you faced challenges in your personal life. Your drive allowed me to meet some of my best friends and for that I cannot thank you enough.

If you made it all the way to the end I hope you have an amazing day/life and if I have met you feel free to hit me up on steam to play games. If I haven't talked to you before but you want to talk feel free to add me! I will be around every once in a while on the forums and discord, but thank you everyone for the memories.

Jesus I can't believe it has been almost six years since I joined Jailbreak trying to promote another server under the username "Gay Balon Pride" with a rainbow balloon, MFKing, and getting banned just because I was a little shit, but little did I know what kind of effect this server would have on my life. My time here was filled with some amazing memories whether it was being the greatest Jailbreak SA this server has ever seen (a bit surprised you didn't shout me out for that), or the countless events we had where everyone felt like they were safe and included. All jokes aside I truly believe that Tango is what has taught me how to act as a human being and all of these lessons in some way or another lead up to you by starting this server and passing your wisdom down to everyone you have met.

Thank you @balon, it is truly indescribable what you have not only done to shape my life but many others.

a GREAT community you put together througout the years. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Best of luck with your future endeavors. Love you bro <3

I don't think I would ever trade the memories I have of Tango. From 99 thieving on speckscape, movie nights, Christmas 2016, the craze of H1Z1, or the memes, jokes, and fun that jailbreak brought. Tango was my escape. I'm still using my Tango mousepad to this day and my girlfriend wears the Tango Sweatshirt on date nights. I joined Tango as a 9th grader, and I could never imagine that now I'd still be seeing these forums 7 years later. Ultimately, I'm just happy I was hear to experience Tango with all the people I met and grew from. I love Tango for its sense of purpose, the diverse community, its professionalism, the push to be better people, and the fundamental principle that everyone deserves a second chance.

In all that you have created, inspired, and had to endure, I have nothing but respect for you balon.

does this mean no jailbreak?

this does, in fact, mean no jailbreak

'was a ride


Despite what you may think of me I’ve actually held you in a very high regard concerning Tango. It’s no small feat what you’ve accomplished here and I’m glad I was apart of it in whatever capacity.

Jailbreak was definitely a lot of fun but as I think everyone’s seen it overdue to be done. I hope you’ve found peace with this and your personal journey as well.

To anyone I’ve ever played jailbreak with ever in the history of ever. Those were easily some of the most fun 2am, 3am nights doing random stuff. I hope everyone’s found their purpose and are enjoying life wherever they’re at.


I am very greatful to have spent a majority of my childhood in this community, through the ups, downs, and confusing times, Tango has been a place where I can relax and let my wild side take over. I've learn a lot through my interactions with other members and only wish everyone the best. I hope that I can still be of use to this community when it is needed, as I have no plan of backing off or going dark. Tango is a community that has supported me in my younger years, while also respecting me, and as such Tango deserves that level of respect as well.

Jailbreak is my home and is where I learned to laugh, game, study, and respect others, while also being a dipshit here and there.

I appreciate all of you and look forward to the future projects that the dev team can come up with, I think this is a step in the right direction. Broadening ourselves while still supporting each other and our development end is something that should never disappear.

I know that it will hit me hard for all of the memories I've made over the past several years. From changing shifts constantly, all the late nights laughing myself to tears, the actual tears of loss & regret, the birth of my baby boy to many more. I've let each and every person I have met and befriended be apart of my journey as much as I was apart of theirs. I can't thank you enough @balon for everything you and many others have done, and especially all that you have done for me and my dad over the years.

This community is truly like no other, and there could possibly be no other equal.

Love you all.

Randomly stumbled across TangoWorldWide in the server browser and gave it a try almost 5 years ago.  I’ve grown and matured alot throughout my time playing on the servers and within the community.  Went from doing nothing at home for most of my life to joining the United States Marine Corps and traveling the world and I’ve taken Tango with me every step of the way.

While being offered other positions at other communities, positions and titles higher than I am now I have always turned them down due to my loyalty to this ever evolving community.  This place is a second home to me and a place where I have met some of my lifelong friends. 

My career revolves around Jailbreak.  Dedicated countless hours administrating and trying to make this place a better place for all. I’m thankful for the opportunities Tango has opened for me and don’t regret it.   I look forward to what the New Years have to come and will hopefully do more within this community.

Thank you to all my friends who have stayed with me and have watched my growth both in real life and within Tango

I met some of my best and closest friends in this place, and as my personal text has always said, I've always played Tango for the community. I've been around this community almost a third of my life, and there's no better forum I could have chosen to write 10,000 posts on.

Genuinely congrats on the weight loss, that sounds like a massive thing to embark on, and I'm glad the working out adventure has even more life ahead of it. I'm very sorry to read about your mom, I had heard about the difficult situation multiple times throughout the years, but I hope she continues to live a long life and is able to relax.

The same goes for you my friend.

TWTimer Admin

I Enjoyed it while it lasted. Best wishes to all of you hope to see most of you in the discord from time to time.


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