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Author Topic: Marketplace Rules and Scammer Log  (Read 4398 times)

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Marketplace Rules and Scammer Log
« on: June 22, 2018, 01:18:51 am »
Per our COCPE:
Scamming will result in removal from the active TangoWorldWide roster, immediate ban, and listing on our stickied 'Scammer Log' in our International Exchange forum. Scamming is considered a serious offense here.
  • Scamming is an illegal and bannable offense in TangoWorldWide. Any user found scamming will be marked in a stickied post on that section to notify and alert other users of their scams.
  • Those found scamming will have their account closed, with no chance of appeal or reopening.
  • If you are found scamming, your Steam account will be reported, forum account will be closed, and other organizations we actively work with will be reported. TangoWorldWide associates with a lot of other big-name groups, and we want them protected too!

Users found guilty of scamming will be listed below, and their account(s) may be reported to a watchdog agency, such as SteamRep.
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the “web moderator” is just a hypocritical, insecure person loool
Worst forum mod since Xbftb
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