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Chief Marketing Officer

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aPn Chief Marketing Officer*

  • http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/765611981551957
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"I believe Fundamental Honesty is the Keystone of Business" - Harvey S. Firestone
Tango World Wide Headquarters Floor 132nd
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January 20, 2015, 07:07:54 pm
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March 17, 2018, 06:48:38 am
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Today at 12:56:43 am

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About Me

Hey, I'm aPn, or aPness

You can call me either one or come up with your own nickname. :)

I have been a member for over 2 years. It all started after my brother, Polak, joined Tango three weeks prior to me and spoke to Balon about me. At the time, Tango didn't have a Leader for minecraft Division so balon offered me the position right off the bat. For three months I held that position and finally Tango found a new position for my 'people' skills. I was the Dean of Admittance for two months, until the IAC position opened up and Balon thought it would be a good position for me. I have been an Internal Affairs Consultant for over a year and half, until my mentee, TheWildThorn took over and I got promoted to Chief of Marketing Officer. Many in TangoWorldWide know me for my giveaways and donations to this amazing community. I believe that every penny that I spent on this community was important, and had an impact in its improvement and growth, and for that I am proud.

I play all kinds of games, from CSGO to Euro Truck Simulator to Minecraft and DiRT Rally. Any game that catches my eye that day, I will buy it and play it. Growing up, in my family we were limited when it came to having toys, games, etc. Our way of fun was to spend time outdoors. I still love to spend time outdoors, bike riding or playing soccer, but most of the time when i have free time you can catch me playing games.

I travel every week for work, Monday through Friday all over the US and a few certain countries. I work on industrial equipment that's probably worth more than your parents house (or your own, if you own one) I love what I do because i get to take shit apart and put it back together or spend time diagnosing electrical issues. Problem solving has been my thrill since I was a little kid, from simple things to the complex. If you don't see me active, this is the main reason why.

I am extremely friendly and approachable, if you want to chat, play a game or just say 'hi', please do so. There is no such thing as too many friends you can make. :)

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tHaT's HaWt
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6.2in dick and tasty.
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