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Author Topic: [Application] One's Application to SERT  (Read 2252 times)

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[Application] One's Application to SERT
« on: January 28, 2019, 01:59:32 pm »
1) Name: John
2) Age: 18
3) Participating in... (Highschool / College / University): University
4) Grade: 1
5) Major/Focus (If Applies): Computer Science & Applied Mathematics Double Major
6) Do you have previous experience in security: Yes, I have been programming in Java, C++, Lua, Python for 5 years. I have much experience in Lua and setting up cvars, Creating / managing Gmod DarkRP, , TF2, and csgo servers with proper SQL and security Management. I am very familiar with Linux machines and basic network security. I have previosly owned forums setup through Xenforo, Enjin, and MyBB. I have owned / created plugins for TF2, And GMOD DarkRP. I have also setup and owned 65 PUG servers for csgo, and sold them all in the past. I am very experienced with ULX mod and Sourcemod.
7) Do you have previous programming experience: Yes, I mentioned about ^^
8) Are you capable of working in a team-setting: Yes
9) Write a brief background about yourself. Include technical experience, certifications, etc: I have completed many courses via Coursera / Udacity (when they where free), no certificates as I audited the courses but I did a course in C++, c++ / reverse Engineering,  and Ruby on rails. I am also familiar with Web apps using NodJS, Xenforo forums, PHP, HTML5, CSS, and know how to defend against payloads / Web injections. I have over 5 years of background basic computer knowledge and am familiar with the lingo and can easily explain it to someone who might not know (as a team) in English terms. I am also getting into Assembly language right now and Meteor JS for web development.
10) Do you agree to sign our 'Fair Usage' commitment, found in our private forums, stating you will never use your knowledge in a malicious manner or setting:  Yes I agree

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Re: [Application] One's Application to SERT
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2019, 07:10:04 am »
Hardly anyone cares about the Gmod division, and yet a pretty good chunk of people outside of it seem to know you're nothing but another problem child. You can't even seem to read a handbook considering how many times you've misused your admin.

Btw, misuse of admin also includes deliberately doing something against the rules and getting other staff to think it's okay *cough claiming an area and killing anyone that enters cough*. No bueno my dude

Also: Just cause a picture involves the topic of "furry" and you don't like it doesn't mean it's porn and you can ban someone for 3 days.

I suggest we overthrow balon and replace him with twales because he would obviously be better

you are a pretty snazzy man


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