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Code of Conduct, Procedures, and Ethics

Effective On: TBA
Last Updated: TBA

I. Definitions

The following indented and bold terms are considered the three major "sectors" of TangoWorldWide. This terminology will be used to describe bans and reference various portions of the TangoWorldWide network. These terms will be used throughout this document.

GAME (Sector 1) "Game" refers to all game-servers listed on the Official Server List.

COMM (Sector 2) "Comm" refers to supported communication platforms such as our Official TeamSpeak and Discord server(s).

WEB (Sector 3) "Web" refers to our website found at tangoworldwide.net, and any TangoWorldWide owned website or platform.

NETWORK (ALL) "Network" refers to all TangoWorldWide services which include: servers, communication platforms, websites, events, and associated privileges gained by TangoWorldWide.

A. "Code of Conduct, Procedures, and Ethics" may be referred to as 'this document, this text, these policies, the policies, the rules, the code of conduct, etc' throughout the duration of this document.

B. TangoNetworksLLC is the parent company of TangoWorldWide. 'TangoNetworksLLC, TangoNetworks, TangoWorldWide, Tango, etc' may be used inter-changeably throughout this document.

C. Within this document is for all users who utilize the TangoWorldWide NETWORK. Throughout the text, TangoWorldWide will be referred to commonly in first-person pronouns such as but not limited to 'us, we, ours, our, ourselves, etc'. We also may refer to ourselves as the 'company, network, community, organization, etc' or TangoWorldWide.net as the 'website, site, etc'.

D. Within this document TangoWorldWide will refer to you the user as 'you, users, clients, members, etc' and your donation-perks will be referred to as 'your service, your plan, your VIP, your donation, admin, perk , etc'. Throughout this text when referring to you, the user, we will use second-person pronouns.

E. For unclear or unclassified definitions, this document will refer to the parties of our company and you as the member visiting, utilizing, or purchasing services from TangoWorldWide. For further clarifications, contact balon via email here.

F. This document is for all users who contact or connect to the TangoWorldWide network. These policies are expected to be followed throughout the entire network. Players which utilize any aspect of TangoWorldWide are automatically expected to follow the text laid forth in this statement.

II. General Rules & Guidelines

1. TangoWorldWide disallows cheating, injecting, or scripting of any kind on any TangoWorldWide Server or in any other server where the use of 3rd party tools are not allowed. (See "Cheating and Disruption").

III. Policies & Procedures

Cheating and Disruption
Players who use any third party assistance such as, but not limited to: cheats, injections, scripting, etc on any servers where the usage of 3rd party tools is not allowed is deemed punishable. Players which try to ruin the fun for others by giving themselves an unfair advantage will be punished. This policy is for any player who utilizes our network, not only limited to the members and supporters of the community.

A. All Cheating and Disruption bans require VIDEO EVIDENCE or a VAC/GAME ban to stand. To report another player, video evidence must be uploaded to a media sharing platform such as YOUTUBE.COM, PLAYS.TV, MEGA.CO.NZ, MEDIAFIRE.COM, or DROPBOX.COM.

B. Cheating and Disruption bans will only be shortened or removed if the evidence is inconclusive, or the Executive Board unanimously votes to remove the ban which is instated on the appealing user.

C. Cheating in any server is an immediate 12-month game-ban. If our staff can determine with certainty that the owner of an account is cheating, all of their known and future accounts will be subject to this ban.

  • Cheating in servers which allow 3rd party tools such as "HvH" or "Hack v. Hack" is allowed. This does NOT include cheating in a Valve Server if you and opposing team-mates agree to cheat.
  • Cheating on alternate accounts is not allowed. If our staff can determine with certainty that the owner of an account is cheating, all of their known and future accounts will be subject to this ban.
  • (Valve) VAC Bans inside a source-engine game will result in a 12-month game-ban. Failure to provide proof of ban reason upon request results in a 12-month ban.
  • (Valve) GAME Bans inside a source-engine game will result in a rank-reset to novice recruit, or removal from the community for the first offense. Thereafter, a 12-month ban. GAME bans which we receive any form of evidence of the player cheating will automatically default to a 12-month ban. Failure to provide proof of ban reason upon request results in a 12-month ban.

D. Scripting or the usage of a macro in any server is an immediate 6-month ban.

  • Scripting/Macroing includes Razer Synapse and programs alike which can be used as a 3rd party tool to assist a player performing an action. (Such as jumping in a game).
  • Using software such as AutoHotKey is considered Scripting/Macroing
  • Any form of programmatic or hardware based benefits which you can receive which other players cannot (such as an endless scroll on your mouse-wheel) is not allowed.

E. Violating the Cheating and Disruption policy multiple times will result an immediate permanent ban which can only be reversed by an unanimous Executive vote.

F. Being banned by any league in an Official Match or via client (such as ESEA, CEVO, etc) while apart of TangoWorldWide will be deemed as cheating, and the procedures above will be followed.

G. You may discuss "HvH" or related content but may not explicitly advertise a 3rd party tool which provides an unfair advantage to a player. In addition you may not advertise 'configs, settings, etc' related to a cheating tool.

H. Cheating in a non source-engine game will result in consequences on a case-by-case basis. Games which TangoWorldWide actively participates in, or has servers in, will typically result in a ban. Games which we do not support, indie games, etc may vary.

Community Asylum
In TangoWorldWide's view, players from other organizations or communities who are not enjoying their stay, are unjustly removed/banned, or their community no longer exists shouldn't have to start from the ground floor. Community Asylum offers 'asylum' to the TangoWorldWide network where a user may receive similar ranks, benefits, perks, or even purchases. These players have an opportunity for a chance to use the Community Asylum policy.

A. To be eligible for Community Asylum, you must have been a member of another organization within the previous 12 months of applying to TangoWorldWide, and be able to provide proof of membership.

B. Upon applying to TangoWorldWide, you may reach out to an Executive member by forum PM, found on our Official Roster titled "Community Asylum Inquiry". This will begin the process of validating your membership and deciding whether or not you should be able to utilize this policy. You can PM an executive member right after posting your application, you do NOT need to wait until you are accepted. (We suggest PMing the CEO and COO).

C. You cannot be an active member of another organization to use Community Asylum (i.e. You cannot be staying in group "Alex's Community!" trying to gain membership of TangoWorldWide to move over). You must have fully left your previous organization. This is not a tool for poaching members, we are simply offering an alternative as many users come to TangoWorldWide from other communities and absolutely dislike having to start as Novice Recruit.

D. If you are deemed eligible to use Community Asylum, you will receive similar benefits as the other community in question. These benefits can include:

  • An equivalent roster ranking (Note: All staff start at 'Probationary' before being moved to another rank!)
  • Similar groups (such as Designer, Developer, or Mapper)
  • Donation perks (if you have donated for Admin, Credits, etc you may receive similar benefits here at no cost or a reduced rate)

E. In the case of a shut down or abandoned community, an individual may work with our Executives to allow other members to migrate with you, thus you being the driving force, and be automatically eligible for a staff position. (Please note if your community still exists, you cannot do this as we will consider this poaching).

F. A player who is confirmed allowed to use the Community Asylum policy will have an Executive post on their application, therein marking you for automatic acceptance and review for additional benefits.

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