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Code of Conduct, Procedures, and Ethics

Effective On: 2/20/2016
Last Updated: 10/31/2016

I. Definitions

A. TangoWorldWide are the owners, publishers, and operators of TangoWorldWide.net. During this Rules, Policy, & Privacy Procedures statement TangoWorldWide will be referred to commonly in first-person pronouns such as but not limited to 'us, we, ours, our, ourselves, ownership, etc'. We also may refer to ourselves as the 'COMPANY, NETWORK, ORGANIZATION, etc' or TangoWorldWide.net as the 'SITE, WEBSITE, etc'.

B. In this Rules, Policy, & Privacy Procedures statement TangoWorldWide will refer to our clients or users as 'you, the user, the client, the member, etc' and your donation-perks will be referred to as 'your service, your plans, your VIP, your donation, admin, perks, etc'. Throughout this Rules, Policy, & Privacy Procedures statement when referring to you, the user, we will use clear-cut second-person pronouns.

C. If a definition or definitions are unclear or unclassified, the majority of this Rules, Policy, & Privacy Procedures statement will refer to the parties of our company and you as the member visiting, utilizing, or purchasing services from TangoWorldWide.net. For further clarification, you are welcome to contact balon via email here.

D. This Rules, Policy, & Privacy Procedures statement is for all users who utilize the TangoWorldWide network. This Code of Conduct is expected to be followed on every sector of tango, including game, voice, and forums. Sectors can be found below. Players which utilize any aspect of TangoWorldWide are automatically expected to follow these Rules, Policies, and Procedures which are laid forth in this statement.

E. TangoWorldWide notably has three major "Sectors" we categorize our network into, as well as one overhead. When a ban occurs, we will commonly refer to these four sectors as they determine where a player is banned, and how they are banned.

GAME - (Sector 1) "Game" refers to all game-servers listed on the Official Server List.

VOICE - (Sector 2) "Voice" refers to our Official TeamSpeak server, found at voice.tangoworldwide.net.

FORUM - (Sector 3) "Forum" refers to our Official Forum & Website on the main tangoworldwide.net domain.

NETWORK - (OVERHEAD) "Network" refers to all TangoWorldWide servers, websites, events, and associated privileges with the organization.

II. General Rules & Guidelines

1. TangoWorldWide is a strong believer that all players alike should be able to enjoy their experience on and around our network. Disrespect, harassing members, cyber-bullying, racism, stereotypical behavior, sexual harassment, or excessive questionable behavior is not allowed. (See "Ethics and Expectations" Policy.)

2. TangoWorldWide has a 0-Tolerance for Hacking, Injecting, Cheating, or Scripting in our servers or around the network; users who are found guilty of breaking these rules will face bans for cheating infractions. These bans are non-negotiable, players who attempt to appeal will have their appeals locked and denied. (See "Cheating and Disruption" Policy.)

3. NSFW (NonSafe for Work) discussions, posts, or expressions are not allowed outside of the Gentlemen's Club section on our forums. (See "Legal Clarifications" Policy.)

4. You may not post, discuss, or link any form of warez. Failure to comply with this rule will result in loss of communication privileges across our network. (See "Legal Clarifications" Policy.)

5. Real-Life threats are taken extremely serious and can/will result in legal action. TangoWorldWide is intended to be a safe and secured environment. (See "Legal Clarifications" Policy.)

6. TangoWorldWide supports and respects content creators, developers, and those similar. Ripping, stealing, plagiarizing other people's work is prohibited. We believe that all content creators, developers, and those of the similar should have complete protection on their work; copyrighting and plagiarizing another person's work is not only against our rules, but is also illegal. (See "DMCA Compliance" Policy.)

7. Low Quality Content (Also known Low Quality Posting) not only looks bad on our forums, but also violates our forum guidelines. Spamming, flooding, immature etiquette, and avoiding our 5-word, 20-character minimum triggers will result in warnings or removal of posting privileges. (See "Low Quality Content" Policy.)

8. You are not allowed to double-post on the forums, if you need to add content to your post you may select the "Modify" button. In the rare occurrence you pass the 50,000 character limit, you can create an additional post. (See "Low Quality Content" Policy.)

9. Do not bump threads which have gone 90+ days without receiving a reply, unless it is an official post, stickied post, or something of that nature. This is considered 'grave digging' and can result in a forum warning. (See "Low Quality Content" Policy.)

10. Official Members are expected to wear the TangoWorldWide T.w² | Tag, in front of their name, at all times. (See "Membership Agreement & Expectations" Policy.)

11. Official Members are expected to be active on on gameservers, forums, and TeamSpeak 3. It is recommended to have TeamSpeak 3 open at all times while you are on steam, you can idle in our AFK-Rooms, or be in any public channels. Forum and TeamSpeak activity heavily effect promotion eligibility. (See "Membership Agreement & Expectations" Policy.)

12. We understand that life can complicate itself when it comes to work, school, or just every-day occurrences. TangoWorldWide does not purge members which continue to represent our community, regardless on activity time. Any member who continues to be in our steam group, and wear our Official-Tag, will not be purged for inactivity. (See "Membership Agreement & Expectations" Policy.)

13. TangoWorldWide does not permit "double-clanning" while you are an Official Member, if you are found doing so, you may be removed. Clarifications on this rule can be found in it's counterpart policy. (See "Double Grouping" Policy.)

14. Being one of the few communities who still enforce a tag policy, by wearing our tag, you are closely representing the TangoWorldWide group. Misrepresentation of our tag will result in serious consequences. All Official Members are expected to present our organization to a status of high quality at all time, if you ill-affiliate yourself, you may receive a permanent ban. (See "Big 3" Policy.)

15. TangoWorldWide believes in open-applications to our community, at all times. We do not have policies regarding age, base-activity, time commitment, or required online times. Any users are eligible to apply to our community. (See "Applicants" Policy.)

16. Applications are required to have their forums-account fully integrated with their steam profile. You can do so by visiting your forum profile and clicking the green steam button. This will bind your steam account to your forums account indefinitely. In rare cases, only the Owner may un-pair your account. (See "Applicants" Policy.)

17. Applicants are not to request vouches on their applications. Doing so will result in immediate denial, and a 2-week suspension to reapplying. (See "Applicants" Policy.)

18. Your forum account, like many other online accounts, should be thought of to be valuable. You are fully responsible to keep your account and data secured. If you are known to be hijacked, or assumed to be, you may have your account temporarily locked by Ownership until you can verify integrity.

19. You may only have 1 "Official" name change per calendar-year, if you'd like to do so you can contact an Owner. They will change your forum/roster name.

20. We welcome suggestions and ideas with open minds! If you have an idea you would like to share, we recommend posting it on our forums.

21. The maximum signature size on our forums is 1300x350.

22. Do NOT reply to TangoWorldWide emails or tag/PM the forum-bots. None of which can reply, and you will flood the automated systems for no reason.

23. Members are expected to report malicious content they may come across on the forums and servers. If there is a user sharing such content, please report them on our forums.

24. Giveaways on our forums are expected to be real. Fake/false giveaways can result in removal. Do not give away stolen items such as knives, game-codes, product keys, gift-cards, etc.

25. All semi-immature posts, or posts which are irrelevant to TangoWorldWide topics or interests are expected to be posted in our Off-Topic forum.

26. Typos in Official documents such as rules and the roster are asked to be reported immediately.

27. Your forum profile is eligible to set a custom title, do not abuse this right. Custom Titles cannot hint to impersonate staff, flame members, use religious or political systems, advertise for competing organizations, or anything which violates our respect policies.

28. Major Bugs/Exploits are asked to be immediately reported privately to a member of Ownership.

29. You may not buy any TangoBadges that are not prior designated for purchase.

30. Users are not allowed to request promotions, vouches, acceptations, rejections, denials, or demotions of other members. In additions, you are not allowed to request a promotion for yourself.

31. Buying, selling, sharing, or trading your forum account is prohibited. Doing such may result in your account being closed, disabled, or banned.

32. You are not permitted to advertise competing communities, forums with similar objectives, and/or similar organizations in general. If you would like to request an advertisement agreement, or commit to a sponsorship you can do so by contacting Ownership. (See "Advertisements and Sponsorships" Policy.)

33. Scamming will result in removal from the active TangoWorldWide roster, immediate ban, and listing on our stickied 'Scammer Log' in our International Exchange forum. Scamming is considered a serious offense here.

34. Disruption of Official-Events, partnered events, or invited tournaments, such as ones which our Official-Team play in will result in removal for ill-representation. (See "Big 3" Policy.)

35. Our organization loves to collaborate with other communities and networks! If you are a community owner, server owner, group owner, or a team which would like to join our community as one, you have the right to request a merge. (See "Merges" Policy.)

36. All pugs, 10-mans, in-house scrims, and self hosted tournament style events respect official CEVO league rules. (See "eSports" Policy.)

37. All Official-Teams are expected to respect all of our eSport Policies and comply with local league rules for whichever network they are playing in. (See "eSports" Policy.)

38. Our Official-Server list can be found here. All official servers which have been approved for listing will be contained here. (See "Hosts" Policy.)

39. TangoWorldWide expects all official servers to be on in-house hosting, or approved hosts. (See "Hosts" Policy.)

40. You are not allowed to publicly ask other users for funding. We are trying to run a successfully community that is powered off donations; we do not want people thinking if our donors can support our community, that also means they can support them.

41. Conflicts and disputes which are ongoing can be exhausting. We strongly encourage to get a second opinion by contacting our Internal Affairs Consultant to prevent further disputes that can result in disrespect and harm to the quality of the servers through arguments, etc.

42. All donations are final; although we can guarantee that a buyer will receive the product they purchased, satisfactory cannot be completely guaranteed. Attempts to charge-back or reverse previous donations will result in your account being closed/banned. With your donation, you agree to never charge back or reverse your payment, for reasons included but not limited to: if you are removed due to abuse, if you are removed due to being non-compliant with our CoCEP, unhappy with your services, unhappy with your position within the community. (See "Donations & Chargebacks" Policy.)

43. TangoWorldWide is not-for-profit. This means that there are no sole-proprietors intentionally making profit off the community/company. All funding which is given to TangoWorldWide circulates through TangoNetworksLLC, our over-head company and is allocated to various projects and expansions. No staff takes or makes profit. (See "Donations & Chargebacks" Policy.)

44. You may not buy a position in this community. (See "Donations & Chargebacks" Policy.)

45. We take abusing staff members as a serious offensive! If a Council Member or above is abusing their privileges, please do not make a public thread. Contact balon via email

46. Admin-Hunting is not allowed in TangoWorldWide. We expect that if you are posting a report on an admin, you have conclusive evidence that they ABUSED. Misuse of commands on rare occasions is not considered abuse, accidents do happen; we do not take lightly to those continuously reporting admins without justifications. (See "Bans, Reports, and Compliances" Policy.)

47. Any type of report, accusation, or complaint is expected to required to have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that the user being reported is in fact creating a rule violation. Copied chat logs DO NOT count as valid proof, as they can be altered. (See "Bans, Reports, and Compliances" Policy.)

48. Banning-admins are eligible to reverse their own bans in the case of an appeal. (See "Bans, Reports, and Compliances" Policy.)

49. Bans will never be lifted until the banning-admin responds to a report. Our IAC will post on the report tagging the banning-admin waiting for a reply. This allows the banning-admin to reverse the ban, or have fair say over what occurred. (See "Bans, Reports, and Compliances" Policy.)

50. All admins are expected to follow our escalation system on how often, and how long a user should be banned for. (See "Sectors and Escalation" Policy.)

51. All evidence included for bans require must be uploaded to YOUTUBE.COM, PLAYS.TV, VIMEO.COM or a .dem file can be provided on MEGA.CO.NZ, MEDAFIRE.COM, GOOGLE DRIVE, or DROPBOX.COM.

52. Users who have more than one sector ban will automatically receive a NETWORK ban. (See "Sectors and Escalation" Policy.)

53. TangoWorldWide are strong believers in privacy protection. You may not release any personal information of another user, this is considered doxing and disallowed blackhat activities. (See "Legal Clarifications" Policy.)

54. All confidential information will only be obtainable by Ownership or involved staff members. This includes, but is not limited to: IPs, Chat Logs, Player Information, Email Lists, and more. (See "Confidentiality & Privacy" Policy.)

55. Users under 13 years of age will be required to have parent involvement in any purchasing of official products or merchandise. (See "COPPA Compliance" Policy.)

56. Do not impersonate staff, admins, or other members of the community. Typically, this will result in a forum/steam announcement to alert other members and bans. (If it is ongoing)

57. You, as a user, are expected to have read at minimal up to this point in our Code of Conduct. All of the following are considered policies and procedures, which will go in-depth on sets of rules listed above in the General Rules section. Please note, there are some policies/procedures that do not correspond to a rule, therefore we suggest you continue to read below.

III. Policies & Procedures

Legal Clarifications
Any of the following are disallowed within TangoWorldWide, the exact details for each procedure will be included below. Most of these discussed are in violation of United States Law, therefore will not be allowed to be presented by a user to our network. You agree not to do anything which will violate your ISPs TOS or The United States Code. All actions you complete on our network are logged and if are deemed to be questionable, serious, or illegal proper reports will be filed against the suspected party via IC3 and/or your local police-department.

A. Pornographic Content/NSFW content is strictly prohibited in non-authorized areas. The specific detail of this policy's severity is when Child Pornography (C.P.) is contained, posted, or suggested at within any aspect of TangoWorldWide. Any C.P. posted by any user will immediately be purged from our network and the user, or user(s) involved will be reported to Law Enforcement. Pornographic content in the Gentlemen's Club, in addition to having a 0-Tolerance for C.P, also does not allow gore, abuse, or pornographic pictures of personal friends, girl/boyfriends, or those who have denied such consent. Authorized Areas include private sub-forums for group administrators and the Gentlemen's Club.

B. Fraud / Illegal Services are restricted from TangoWorldWide, such actions are not only highly illegal and are restricted, but will result in immediate legal action, see our Legal Compliance Policy. Restricted Services are, but not limited to: Racketeering, Black-Hat activities, Carding, Dumps of personal information, Phishing any accounts, defrauding of identity, PayPal, Bitcoins, and/or Amazon, drop shipping, Call-Ins, Doxing, Hitmen Services.

C. Copyright Infringement is not allowed within TangoWorldWide. TangoWorldWide is with full compliance to DMCA Take-Down notices. Users which post or contain content which is copyrighted will be subject to immediate ban and further legal action/consequences if necessary. Read more in our DMCA Compliance Policy.

D. Disallowed Black-Hat Activities are a serious offense, and strictly prohibited in TangoWorldWide. Highly illegal black hat activities include, but are not limited to: Doxing, Cyber-Crime, Carding, Dumps, Fraud, Identity Theft, PayPal Fraud, Drop-Shipping, Call-Ins, DDoS Services, and Credit Card Fraud. Users will receive an immediate 1-year ban, for further determination for extension. If these actions are committed within TangoWorldWide, upon legal-request, we will be in full compliance to provide logs, evidence, or further proof. Read more on compliance in the Legal Compliance Policy.

E. We do not allow the discussion of any form of Warez. Prohibited warez include, but are not limited to: Torrenting, 0-Days, Apps, Cracks, Cracked Games, Keygens, Pirated Music and Movies, stolen content, Rips, Portables, Infectious Scripts, or serials which violate copyright laws. In addition, any Malware, Spyware, Worms, Rootkits, Backdoors, Crimeware, or Ransomeware are prohibited. The only discussion of infectious material allowed is in The Techie Hub, or Virus Removal Project.

F. All real-life threats are to be taken seriously. Users threatening one another with any form of violence is prohibited. This includes threatening to SWAT another user, or do anything that can put them in harms way.

Legal Compliance
TangoWorldWide has full discretion to take Legal Action on any users who attempt to, or break their ISP's TOS, United States Code of Conduct, or TangoWorldWide CoCPE which we constitute as serious offenses. This policy/procedure outlines our Legal Actions & Compliance.

A. Legal Action will only be taken on a user which violates a major legal-related policy that directly breaks local country, or United States code. All actions are held by the user who creates them, not our network.

B. TangoWorldWide complies to all court-ordered subpoenas or requests for logs, evidence, or other related proof necessary to be given to Law Enforcement.

C. If you are out of United States Jurisdiction you will be reported to International Officials; and can/will be tried in court for offense of any laws which have been broken. TangoWorldWide is not responsible for any content from users which have posted on our forum or have displayed in any area of TangoWorldWide including, but not limited to our game-servers, TeamSpeak, forums, web-hosting, websites, hosting, tournaments, and other aspects.

Big 3
The Big 3 Policy are the only immediate permanent bans issued by TangoWorldWide. Number 3, Ownership Discretion can only be lifted by the Owner or the banning co-owner. No other user and/or department of TangoWorldWide can relieve the plan.

A. Legal Obligations is Number 1 in the Big 3 Policy. Legal Obligations is explained as breaking any of the policies of TangoWorldWide, breaking International Standards, or the United States Code of Conduct. When legal standards are not met, and laws are broken the content owner (The Poster/Provider) will be held to full responsibility of their actions and report to Internet Crime Security (IC3), The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and/or Local Police to the inflicting IP Address. Legal Action that will be taken is defined above in the Legal Compliance Policy.

B. Misrepresentation is Number 2 of the Big 3 Policy. As both a user who utilizes our network, or a directly affiliated official member, you are expected to represent our organization positively at all times. Failure to do so is considered misrepresentation of TangoWorldWide and can/will result in immediate dismissal from our active-roster, as well as a permanent ban. Misrepresentation commonly will only come in permanent bans, however, some may be reduced.

C. Ownership Discretion is Number 3 of the Big 3 Policy. Threatening other members, continued disrespect, outstanding bans, invoking purposeful depopulation, have a consensus of upset or offended members related to actions, major concurrent disruptions or violations of rules, DDoS attacks or threats against: the community, servers, users, groups, can/will face permanent ban from the NETWORK. All break off organizations included to but not limited to, TangoServers, TangoRadio, and future endeavors to come are covered under this policy for members of TangoWorldWide. Big 3, besides a banning definition, also allows Ownership to alter actions, statements, verdicts, rules, or any function of TangoWorldWide at any given time. Only the banning Co-Owner, or an overturn from the Owner can lift a Big 3 ban.

Cheating and Disruption
This policy is simple to comply with: don't cheat. Nobody likes playing with cheater, and those who try to ruin the fun for others through giving themselves an unfair advantage, will be punished.

A. All bans under this policy will require VIDEO EVIDENCE to stand. To report another player, video evidence must be uploaded to YOUTUBE.COM, PLAYS.TV, VIME.com, or a recording/demo is expected to be uploaded to MEGA.CO.NZ, MEDAFIRE.COM, GOOGLE DRIVE, or DROPBOX.COM.

B. All cheating bans are final, they will not be reversed, appealed, or shortened, UNLESS the evidence is not conclusive. Once banned, only a member of Ownership can determine such. Appeals will be locked and bans will be extended for repeated spam.

C. Scripting in any game-server is an immediate 6-month ban.

D. Cheating in any game-server is an immediate 12-month ban. If you are recorded cheating on another server, and they provide a recording, that evidence will stand.

E. Any offender who breaks this policy twice will immediately be faced with a permanent ban with no chance of appeal or reverse.

F. If you are banned in any league in an Official Match while on a TangoWorldWide team, we will deem this as a cheating ban, and follow the explained steps above.

Sections and Ban Definitions
TangoWorldWide introduces a unique way to handle our bans around our network. As we continue to grow, we feel that although players may have ill behavior in one section, they may not be forced to be banned in all.

A. A section bans are defined as a ban which in effects a singular defined section of TangoWorldWide for major bans, or users who have been banned through our escalation system on each level. Once a ban passes 1-month in duration, they will be considered banned in 1 section.

B. Players which are banned in one section, by default, are not banned from the network. Only permanent bans, or users who are banned from 2+ sectors will face a global ban. This is known as the global cause.

C. A player who is already banned in one section, for over 30 days, will face normal terms of escalation in other sections. If a player is to accumulate an additional section ban, as one co-exists, which both are over one month in duration, the player will receive a NETWORK ban for the remainder of the longest issued ban.

D. Any official member who sees a ban in any section for over 30 days time will automatically be dismissed from the active roster. These members can reapply to TangoWorldWide 2-weeks after their ban expires. See more on escalation below.

Terms of Escalation
All non-staff admins (Council or Above) are expected to follow the terms of escalation below. In the admin handbook, there may be adjustments to times, those will override these! Terms of Escalation have a one month cooldown, meaning admins are expected to check Sourcebans now before making a ban. They should use the next ban in line, if it has been 30-days since the last "Expired On" date/time, they will go with the next ban with shorter time.

- 30 Minute
- 2 Hour
- 12 Hour
- 24 Hour
- 1 Week

A. Admins are expected to issue a warning using admin-chat, or the warn system. For the first occurance, warn, kick, ban. After the first occurrence of a player causing a disruption (as you advance through your escalations) you will only need to warn to log your action first.

B. After the 1 week ban, admins are to issue a 2 week ban and create a forum complaint on the player so they receive a 1-month sector ban and a roster removal.

COPPA Compliance
TangoWorldWide is in compliance with the COPPA act/program. Any user under 13 years of age which wish to make a physical purchase must have parent involvement.

A. If a user under the age of 13 wishes to purchase a physical good or item from TangoWorldWide, they will need to have direct parent involvement. We will require that the parent emails in a proper agreement/authorization for purchase.

B. Once the item/good has been shipped and confirmation says that the user has received their purchase we will hold records only until the PayPal charge-back date is passed (180 days from invoice completion). Once this time passed, records and data will be purged for user protection.

C. Any parent who has questions or concerns is welcomed to email the acting-owner for questions, comments, etc.

DMCA Compliance
TangoWorldWide is a strong believer that developers, content creators, and similar users alike should have their hard-work protected from being stolen. We fully comply to official DMCA take-down requests.

A. If a user is reported for copyright infringing materials, they will be allowed 48 hours from our notification to remove the materials. If they do not, we will forcibly remove the content. Each action performed on your account, you are bound to within out logs and necessary consequences for copyright infringement will be enforced.

B. If a user is reported several times for breaking copyright laws, they will be removed and have all posting and communication privileges taken from them.

C. If you need to file a DMCA take-down to have content removed from our forums, servers, etc you may contact the acting owner via email.

Ethics And Expectations
TangoWorldWide feels that all players alike should be able to be on our servers without being harassed, disrespected, cyber-bullied, and/or have their experience here ruined. As a player we want to create a welcoming environment for you, if you are a user on this network you are expected to follow our ethics and expectations.

A. We take disrespect, cyber-bullying, harassment, and other harmful actions serious. We do not tolerate users disrespecting one another, doing such will result in punishments. If you are involved in a group that bullies a player, you will all be punished severely!

B. Users are expected not to make false or fake accusations to try and get another player in any form of trouble. This is questionable ethics and can result in removal.

C. Applicants are not allowed to request vouches or upvote on their application to TangoWorldWide. This is deemed as an ethic violation, and can result in consequences.

Donations & Chargebacks
All donations and payments are considered final. This section outlines how we handle donations, where profits go to, and what we do in the event of a charge-back.

A. All donations will go to the TangoWorldWide PayPal at paypal.me/tangoworldwide OR balonfx@hotmail.com. We will never ask you to send a payment to another address than those listed here.

B. All Donations/Payments are final! Attempts to charge-back, reverse payments, or convince others not to donate for any reason or cause is a bannable offense. Upon a charge-back, or reversal, any perk or item purchased will automatically be suspended.

C. Donations will never get you out of bans, get you promotions, or guarantee you a spot on our roster. Donations and purchases are made with will by the user to help fund the community.

D. 100% of donations and profits stay within TangoNetworksLLC. Money obtained by TangoWorldWide is recorded, and considered not-for profit. This funding will help power affiliating groups/spin off companies, staff will never be paid or will funding be used for personal usage.

E. Upon payment completion you are agreeing to wave your right to reverse the payment. You, as a user, registered on this website will automatically accept our CoCPE, and if you attempt to reverse a payment, you will face the consequences which were laid forth.


A. Scamming is an illegal and bannable offense in TangoWorldWide. Any user found scamming will be marked in a stickied post on that section to notify and alert other users of their scams.

B. Those found scamming will have their account closed, with no chance of appeal or reopening.

C. If you are found scamming, your Steam account will be reported, forum account will be closed, and other organizations we actively work with will be reported. TangoWorldWide associates with a lot of other big-name groups, and we want them protected too!

Double Grouping
Although we support the idea of building communities, we do not allow double-grouping. If you are an official, active member of our roster, you are not allowed to participate in similar groups/organizations. Generally, any group which requires you to remove our tag is automatically against our rules.

A. Double-Grouping is extremely restrictive at TangoWorldWide, unless you fall into one of the sub sections below. You are not allowed to double-group with similar organization or communities which effect your ability to wear our tag and represent our organization.

B. You are allowed to be in another group and/or community, organization, group IF you are on a competitive team, wish to wear a tag due to religious obligations in another community, such as S@V3D or similar groups, and/or have to distinguish yourself as an administrator, moderator, or donator of another community as well where our game-servers do not cross.

C. You may be an active participant of our group as well as another if you self-own another community, group, or organization that is less than 100 Official Members on a roster, or 500 Official Members on a steam group. Once you pass these quotas, you may be eligible to merge in, or go your separate way.

Low Quality Content
We take pride in our website, forums, and social media accounts. Low quality content is not allowed and can result in removal.

A. Spamming and Flooding fall under LQC (Low Quality Content). Members are expected to follow the measures placed such as captcha and post-requirements. Abusing these requirements is bannable.

B. Low Quality Content is prohibited at TangoWorldWide.net. We have a 5 minimum word / 20 minimum character threshold which users must surpass to make a post/thread. Finding ways around this will result in forum warnings/bans.

C. Due to the volume of posts we receive, TangoWorldWide will only take action on reported-posts, or posts that directly violate LCP/LQP, or the generalized legal content policy. Any other posts must have a prior report.

D. Any section which has a template and or requirement automatically expects you to follow any information laid out in that post.

Application Eligibility
To apply to TangoWorldWide, you must meet the following requirements and points.

A. All applications MUST meet the standards outlined in the Application Template. All applications which fail to follow our template will be denied and locked. You must meet all requirements listed in the template; some of those rules are subsided on certain occasions defined in these policies.

B. Members of a merge are allowed two weeks to apply without having to wait to be accepted until the meeting.

C. A user MUST accept our CoCPE in their application to be allowed to receive membership status in TangoWorldWide.

D. A user is may not ask for vouches on their application or will risk their post being locked/denied.

E. You may not apply to the TangoWorldWide community if you have not met the communities standards, cannot agree to the rules, or have been denied/removed within 2 weeks of your last endeavors with TangoWorldWide.

F. If on your application BOT Tango does not respond, then your application is automatically not eligible for acceptance or consideration. Please contact a staff member or a member of community leadership if such error occurs.

G. Users must have their forum account integrated with their steam account, or under verification for such on the template, answer that they do not have steam.


A. Users are welcomed/encouraged to suggest new ideas and information to TangoWorldWide. You can post a suggestion in our Suggestions/Ideas forum.

B. Suggestions may be implemented when either the council votes one in, the suggest gets sufficient community feedback, or when the once an owner deems it appropriate.

Accounts and Usage

A. Your account is only eligible to have one name-change per calendar year. You can request so on our forums or to a member of Leadership+. Additional changes are $25 USD.

B. Forum accounts are not to be shared, sold, or borrowed from another user. This can/will result in account termination.

C. You, the owner of the account, are expected to protect it. We are not responsible for unauthorized access you, the account holder may cause. It is up to you to keep your account protected.

D. You are only allowed 1 account per lifetime, if you have been banned you can create a Username_TEMP account to post your appeal.

E. Every IP is logged, and if you register more than 1 account both will be closed/banned. A user may create a new account with permission from Ownership. This will void previous ranks and achievements (badges) in TangoWorldWide.

F. Staff and Admin enabled accounts are never to be shared, sold, or bought. If you are found doing such your access will be revoked and depending on your ranking, it may result in a ban.

G. If you have siblings, then automatically the "more than 1 account" policy is not in affect, but do not lie about having siblings or your accounts will be closed.

Bans, Reports, and Compliances
Bans, Reports, and other complaints are expected to be upheld to these compliances on both user and staff side of each case.

A. Simply put, all reports require evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. We require each report to contain at minimal screen-shots, if not recorded proof of ill-occurrences in our servers. This helps us draw a line between what is right and what is wrong.

B. An admin is allowed to override their own ban. If a user appeals, an admin is allowed to request a ban reversal. Only Ownership can deny this reversal, but once the IAC sees the request: they may remove the ban.

C. The Internal Affairs Consultant must tag the users involved in each report. If user x reports admin a, the IAC is expected to tag admin a to see if they reverse their decision and/or have further information to add.

D. Admin hunting is not allowed here! If you are reporting an admin for absolutely no reason other than to get them in trouble, you will run the risk of being removed from the community.

E. To create a report, you MUST have direct involvement. This means if admin a is abusing player z, you are not to report the admin! Leave it up to the involved player to do so. However, if the actions affect you, you may report.

Resignation Threshold
Due to multiple members of the community consistently leaving and returning, we've placed in the Resignation Threshold to give some of these members time to decide if they truly want to depart or not.

A. Any user who self resigns in our Departures forum, will expire their membership on forum-rank removal (this automatically removes you from the Official Roster). If before an Ownership member removes their rank, they post on their resignation that they have decided to stay, their TangoWorldWide rank will reset to Novice Recruit, no matter where they are on the roster, and go through the normal 2-week trial period, and start climbing the ladder over.

B. Any user who self resigns in our Departure forum, will expire their membership on forum-rank removal. If they wish to return after their rank has been removed, they must wait 2 weeks to reapply to the community, and go through the entire application process again.

C. If any user removes their tag due to conflict, punishment, etc and is warned by Staff+ more than once in a 48 hour period, with warnings at least 12 hours apart of each warning (due to the possibility the user is Away, Snooze, or Offline), the user will self-resign their rank automatically. If they wish to then join back, they will have to wait 2 weeks from dismissal, and go through the application process once more.

Membership Agreement & Expectations
All members who are on the Official Roster are expected to follow this agreement and these expectations.

A. Members are expected to wear the tag, properly in front of their name at all times. They are only allowed to wear it behind their name with special permission from Ownership; typically only during an official match and if they play for an outside team.

B. Active members are expected to be on our servers, forums, and TeamSpeak frequently. If you are playing random games that do not pertain to our organization, at least show up in TeamSpeak and the forums! Those who are inactive just need to maintain their tag to stay as an official member.

C. Whenever you, the player, are logged into steam: it is strongly suggested that you are active on TeamSpeak.

D. You, as the member, are expected to positively represent our community at all times! Failure to do so will result in immediately termination from the active roster. We expect each and every member to represent us as a professional and proactive organization.

E. Although we enjoy continuous recruitment to TangoWorldWide, members are expected not to recruit those who are apart of other groups with similar anti-doublegrouping policies outside of our network. If a player from another group is on our forum, TeamSpeak, or servers, general advertisement of TangoWorldWide or answering questions/recruitment in that sense is still fully allowed! What we do not want, is for member to pursue recruitment from other communities directly be it in their servers, on their forums, or from past affiliations. Some communities do not care if their members are apart of various groups, some do, consider this when asking someone to come over to TangoWorldWide. Some organizations may see this is an attempt to steal their members/staff and you can be punished for such there, and continued occurrences/reports of actions here can also result in consequences such as bans, to membership status removal.

Hosting Agreement
We appreciate each donation we receive, as well as offers to host our content! However we have guidelines which must be followed for hosting a server, and having it approved to be on the master tango server list.

A. TangoWorldWide, for the most part, self hosts it's content on our own machines or dedicated servers. We do however sometimes venture out of our own network to receive hosting. If you wish to buy a server for TangoWorldWide. you must speak with Ownership for approval.

B. When a user requests to, or hosts a server, they will need to have it approved by an Owner. Due to the amount of custom content and plugins we use, typically you will be buying us a server via a donation, this does not ensure you full access to this server's plugins/directories.

C. If you are a Divisional Staff, or another rank approved to host a server, before your server is approved for the master list, you must make a formal announcement and do heavy bug testing to prevent de-listing.

D. Under valve's new GSLT system, any server which requires a gameserver login token will automatically have it's operating users jailed from the plugins directory, unless you wish to host it on your own GSLT.

Advertisements and Sponsorships

A. Advertising other competing communities, websites, forums, groups, and online organizations is prohibited at TangoWorldWide.net. If you fail to oblige with this rule you will lose your right to be a registered member of our community. There are subsections to this rule that allow certain advertisements.

B. If you would like to Sponsor TangoWorldWide, typical sponsorships will in return receive advertisement via our Sponsors-Bar, in-game advertisements on MOTDs and that of the similar, and shout-outs, etc.

C. If you would like to do an advertisement agreement with TangoWorldWide, such can be done by contacting a member of Ownership.

TangoWorldWide has extremely restrictive eSport Policies our teams must follow.

A. If you are a team being semi-sponsored to join our network; you will receive a private TeamSpeak channel, and access to all scrim/pug servers with admin/rcon privileges. More information can be found in our eSports Sub-Forum, where we include full lists of perks, benefits, and content to receive when you are picked up by TangoWorldWide | eSports.

B. Players on eSport teams are prohibited from streaming scrims or practice. This can lead to other teams gaining leverage on one team.

C. Anyone in the TangoWorldWide community can create a team, you must have the a minimal of the starting amount of players for the game you'd like to compete in, and 1 backup.

D. If you would like to merge in your competitive team, you must follow our merging policies and contact an Owner.

E. If you are found cheating, you will be permanently banned from any eSports of TangoWorldWide.

F. TangoWorldWide hosts one official team each season, that spot is determined by team's performance over the course of the previous season. This team will have any required league fees paid, courtesy of TangoWorldWide.

TangoWorldWide, since launch, has been a welcoming community to others who wish to join our network! We allow merges of all types of groups, communities, teams, and just small sessions with your friends. These are our procedures on merging into TangoWorldWide.

A. All merges must be presented to Ownership. The Owner, or acting owner, will be the one which will situate the merge with a given group of individuals. Upon meeting a mutual agreement, a co-owner must approve the merge at that time.

B. All members who come in from a merge must go through normal application processing. These member(s) will not be voted on, but automatically accepted upon completion of their application. Members will have 2 weeks from the accepted merge date to have this freedom to apply without full voting, etc.

C. If you wish to merge in a competitive team, you will have to refer to our eSports policy, and contact the eSports Divisional Leader to have your team processed.

Privilege Abuse & Removal
This stands for all users with additional privileges in our community, if you abuse them, you lose them. It's a simple concept that is expected to be upheld.

A. Any user who purchases admin and abuses such privileges will be given at absolute minimum 1 warning before having their admin completely removed. They can purchase admin again later after a 4 week wait time has passed in the case that they do get removed.

B. Any person, or person(s), who abuse their privileges after one removal (as stated above) will be permanently terminated and denied from further purchases.

C. SA, A-Team, Staff, etc will also receive at absolute minimum 1 warning before a chance for termination. Usually, we provide 2-3 warnings/suspensions before such, depending on abuse severity.

Season Cleaning
We are an understanding organization when it comes to user activity. Most of our staff are still students, and those of which who are not are busy with their jobs as well. We do not remove users for inactivity, while following this policy.

A. Users who are inactive and wish to stay as official members must keep their tag in their name, in the front, and be in our steam group. This will make you exempt from season cleaning.

B. During Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, at the solstice and equinoxes, we will initiate "Season Cleaning" which will remove any member who is not wearing their tag, etc.

C. After a removal, you will get an email for confirmation. You have 72 hours to contact a member of Ownership to let them know you wish to stay. After this time, you will wait the normal 2 weeks to reapply.

Staff Required Compliance
As this organization continues to grow, we have a vast amount of users in our staff. We do our best to monitor each one, but these are the basic expectations when a staff member of TangoWorldWide.

A. Staff will never ask you for your password, ask you for any credentials, or by any means login access to your account.

B. Staff is expected to attend Saturday 9PM EST Council Meetings. If they have real-life obligations, they will need special permission to skip such from a member of Ownership.

C. Staff is an earned position (Council+) you cannot buy your way into our administration, attempts to do so can result in removal and/or bans.

D. All staff are reviewed in their positions during season cleaning. If there are areas under preforming, or sufficient growth has not occurred, staff can be terminated.

E. Staff positions are not guaranteed. Any staff member can be removed at any time, for any reason. Staff is hand picked by the Owner, though can be removed from any member of Ownership.

F. Staff represent TangoWorldWide profusely. They are expected to follow every policy laid forth in the CoCPE. If there are staff members failing to comply with rules, abusing their privileges, or you, the user feel you they are violating a TangoWorldWide policy, please email balon.

Confidentiality & Privacy
We take user Privacy and Confidentiality very serious. Violation of these terms will result in an immediate Ownership Discretion call on if a user should be removed, how long, and what for.

A. TangoWorldWide will never release, sell, or distribute a users personal information unless there is a court order we must follow, a warrant, and/or required by law.

B. Any user under the age of 13, who purchases a product from us will only be logged until shipment and charge-back waiting periods are complete. We will not keep these records.

C. Those who provide personal information, is the sole provider of their information, and we are not held liable for those who get contacted outside of the website, threatened, or harassed.

D. We uphold a strict confidentiality policy, any discussions of personal information or confidential content will be bound to our Ownership or involved staff only. This will never be spread or publicly available in the community, on the forums, or any other public means. This is protection for our members, allowing them to have trust in our Ownership.

E. All user data is secured and encrypted. In the event of a major disruption, such as a database dump, all users will be notified within 7-14 days, followed by suggested password changes.

F. TangoWorldWide uses cookies on our website. Cookies are small files that a site or its service provider transfers to your computer's hard drive through your Web browser (if you allow) that enables the site's or service provider's systems to recognize your browser and capture and remember certain information.

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