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Sept 16, 2019 07:41PM EST | balon in Announcements

Over the last few months we've been adding new servers to the network and reuniting our community with some older projects. Upon promotion of asta into Manager, we've decided to take another shot at Rust, a game him and his friends frequent. Our hope is with best efforsts and a good management team, we'll be able to expand into a new game!

Sept 15, 2019 12:21PM EST | CmAnT in Announcements

Today we're really excited to announce that the KZClimb server has been re-added to the network. In efforts for new expansions in the coming months, we've decided to let KZClimb make the cut. KZClimb has been added as a global server, so records will count to other global servers running KZClimb. Read more on the announcement thread.

Aug 17, 2019 8:08PM EST | balon in Announcements

Long waited and talked about, a new roster update has been added to the network! We talked about releasing a new version of the TangoWorldWide roster for a few months now, after strategic planning and asking long time members opinions... we've released the 'retro-modern' roster (thanks IU for that name). It's a more modern approach of our original roster we started the community with.

[New] Rust Returns!
Posted by: balon in General on September 16, 2019, 07:41:31 pm
Rust Returns!After popular request and demand... Rust has returned

[NEW] KZ Server Release
Posted by: CmAnT in General on September 15, 2019, 12:21:58 pm
KZ Server Release Tango's latest addition to the Counter-Strike servers is being r

Promotions, Demotions and Acceptances v292
Posted by: Gstad in Promotions & Demotions on September 15, 2019, 11:04:44 am
Promotions & Demotions v292 @Ady was prom

TangoWorldWide 2019 Roster Preview
Posted by: balon in Official Announcements on August 17, 2019, 08:08:28 pm
More details will come in a post to follow, some small adjustments are being made to the userbars and so on.Operations D

Official TangoStore Change Log
Posted by: Lt.DoomY in Changes on August 01, 2015, 09:24:50 pm
The TangoStore is a CSGO ingame store where players can earn credits and purchase ingame items to make their experience better in our servers. The TangoStore will only

Promotions, Demotions and Acceptances v291
Posted by: Gstad in Promotions & Demotions on September 08, 2019, 08:57:51 am
Promotions & Demotions v291 @Bronson (: was

[M] Golf with Your Friends! [Saturday, September 7th, 10 PM EST]
Posted by: Midnight in Community Events on September 06, 2019, 10:26:08 am
Event Name and Date: Golf with Your Friends, September 7th 2019, 10 PM EST (May be later due to the staff meeting) Who Can Participate?  18+, or anyone wit

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